Celebrity Deathwatch

I understand the public’s fascination with celebrities and have my own collection of star photos that I cherish. I enjoy celebrity t.v. and even gossip when I hear a juicy tidbit. But, I am disgusted by our willingness to tolerate media harassment of celebrities’ families after they have endured great tragedies. I am aware that the public is hungry for knowledge, and I acknowledge we want to hear about newsworthy events in celebrities lives’. Of course, death is a major news occurrence; and we are all curious; but do we really need see Ethel Kennedy receiving Holy Communion at a service for her missing nephew; or William Shatner weeping outside his home after the death of his wife? Can’t we just let the facts and the mindless speculations of the media analysts satisfy our desires? I can not understand why news makers must provide us play by play accounts of how loved ones are coping with their loss. I for one am tired of turning on the news and seeing someone accosted outside their home for a comment. Don’t we know the answer? Caroline and the rest of the Kennedy and Bessette families are devastated; the parents of the children attacked at their pre-school are terrified; and William Shatner doesn’t know how he will go on. Only time can tell how these families will cope. I just hope they are able to grieve outside of the spotlight. Don’t we owe our treasured celebrities this one great courtesy?

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