Dropping the ball

Sometimes I wonder how we as adults could have let our world get this far gone. Are we negligent? Or perhaps just lazy? With all the talk about the anniversary of the Watergate scandal and the dropping of the atom bomb, everyone is so quick to point the finger of blame for the direction in which our country has gone. Yet isn’t it ultimately our responsibility as citizens of the world and more importantly these United States to elect leaders who can be trusted to conduct our countries affairs with dignity? I think we have become so desensitized to everything around us that we no longer recognize the mistakes we as people have made along the way. When children shoot one another, we blame their parents; when husbands cheat, we blame their mothers; when loved ones die, we look for what they did wrong. Yes, society can be to blame for the bad things that happen to us, but as members of this society doesn’t that mean it is partly our fault as well? I don’t want to take part of the blame for the recent killing sprees that have filled our newspapers any more than you do, but I must; we must. All of us, throughout our lives have been faced with the opportunity to affect the outcome of each other’s lives. We have failed each other, especially our children. We led them to the place we are today. The answer doesn’t lie in past nostalgia, nor does it lie in disaster preparedness training for us all. The answer lies within us. We can still change the world at least for the people around us. The answer is time. I know we are all busy with the everyday tasks we must accomplish, but who are we working for? Shouldn’t we be working to improve the world for ourselves and our children? Death is inevitable; I will die; you will die. When and how we will die depends partly on us. Isn’t it worth finding the time to share our talents with one another? There is no fountain of youth or eternal spell to keep us here forever, and I for one am glad there isn’t, but a part of us lives on in the lives of those we touch while we are here. Just think, what would your world be like if the person who inspired you the most never enter your life? I don’t even want to imagine what mine would be like.

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