Fanatic Pharmacist

An Ohio pharmacist is reportedly suing the K-mart Corporation for firing her 3 years ago because she refused to fill a prescription for a drug that could cause an abortion. I have strong person religious convictions, and I do not support legalized murder. However, I do not believe that a pharmacist working for a major corporation has the right to refuse to fill a customer’s prescription. If her objection was that strong, she should have removed herself from the company, and opened her own limited pharmacy (which probably couldn’t sell condoms either). She did not know for sure what the drug was being prescribed for, and it was not her place to ask. A pharmacist should only question a prescription if it is illegible, appears fraudulent, could be lethal in combination with other drugs the patient is taking, or it is for an unusually large amount of medication. Morals should not enter into it. A pharmacist should never question a legal drug for a legal practice. If you want to show your disapproval, form a chain or camp out and say the rosary at nine a.m. like all the other freaks, but do it on your own time, not at your place of business. Jump off the gravy train sister. If you didn’t have a lawsuit three years ago when your ass got kicked out of K-mart, you don’t have one now. Get a life, and get out of mine. I hope the judge kicks you out on your ass where you belong. I’ll say a rosary for you.

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