Sharon Stone is a conceited, whiny idiot!

Aren’t there people dying of AIDS and breast cancer? I thought Sharon Stone was SOOO concerned about the lives of people facing these diseases that she didn’t have time to work on other projects. Yet, in a ploy to promote herself and her new movie, she has found time to take pot shots at Gwyneth Paltrow. What is wrong with this woman? Can’t she take a joke? She certainly married one. Where does she get off criticizing Gwyneth for referring to her husband as “creepy?” First of all, he is creepy, among other things. Hasn’t she looked at him lately? Second of all, it was a skit on Saturday Night Live! Why doesn’t she get a life, and focus on her precious husband’s failing health? What a bitch! Personally, I can’t wait to watch this episode of Celebrity Death Match; I hope Gwyneth kicks her whiny little ass into next week. Does this woman actually believe that we buy her crap? “The director tricked me into taking off my panties for Basic Instinct; I didn’t know you could see anything until I saw the movie.” So, you are trying to tell us you are THAT stupid? Hello? Is anybody in there? She has already proved she lost her box office draw with her major flop, Gloria. If anyone does go see The Muse, it certainly won’t be because she is in it; it will be because Albert Brooks’ name is on it. Wake up Sharon, you are old, and you are over! Pretty, young, TALENTED women like Gwyneth Paltrow rule the box office. Stop taking yourself so seriously, and learn to take a joke! At least Gwyneth was on a satirical late night program, and not trying to show off to sell a magazine! Do the world a favor Sharon; you and your creepy husband move to an island, and please don’t procreate!!!

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