Death to Yahoo!

I know Yahoo! provides a free service, but it has gotten out of hand. First, they decided to convert all clubs to groups. What was supposed to take days ended up taking weeks and in some cases a month or more. When we finally did get our newly converted clubs online, we discovered they were now filled with advertisements. I’m not talking banner and pop-up ads here, I am talking ads that physically impede the reading of a post and break displayed links to other sites. To add insult to injury, Yahoo! decided we all wanted our marketing preferences updated, so we could be innundated with junk mail.

Personally, I used to love Yahoo! I used their billpay function, joined clubs, and switched to their e-mail access. Now, it has been over a week since I have even been able to check my e-mail and it is impossible to contact them. They never list addresses, e-mail links or phone numbers to reach them at because they don’t want to be bothered with us. Yet, they expect us to allow them to make money off of us by selling our personal information to marketing firms and research groups. I did find a feedback form to use, but I have received no response to date.

Free or not, it is time we joined together to end this gross misuse of power. We have the right to access our e-mail or they shouldn’t claim to provide the service. They do have a right to place ads on our groups because they host them for free, but not if the ads make our content unreadable or unaccessible. And most importantly we have a right to be able to contact them regarding our service, and in turn we have a reasonable expectation someone within their organization will respond. Until these improvements are met, I encourage you to end your affiliation with Yahoo! and its subsidiaries. Close your e-mail account, drop your membership from a group (or if you are an owner consider switching your hosting site), stop using Yahoo’s search engine, discontinue use of their added services, or at the very least search high and low for a way to contact them and tell them you’ve had enough. It’s time they listened to us for a change. One angry person won’t change Yahoo!, but all of us together will make a difference! We will be heard.

38 Responses to “Death to Yahoo!”

  1. claus Says:


    > Free or not, it is time we joined together to end
    > this gross misuse of power.

    come on, be realistic! it’s just not possible! all you can do is what i did last year: to leave! you *will not* change Yahoo’s policy! they are just too big, and it’s most likely, that they don’t care at all! i got so much junk in my so-called ‘bulk folder’ that i finally couldn’t stand it anymore and left! at least here in germany where i live are other providers who offer *most* of what Yahoo! offers – and *better!* claus

  2. James Mcgranahan Says:

    Discontinue mail at Yahoo

  3. Jacki Says:

    I’d love to leave Yahoo! behind and as you can see I’ve already opened a new account with Hotmail I’m hoping that this new account will serve me better However I can’t find a way to close my account with Yahoo! Any suggestions???

  4. Aimee Says:

    Yahoo automatically disables all accounts which have not been logged into for 4 months (whether they are still receiving mail or not), so my suggestion would be to simply give your friends your hotmail account and stop logging into the Yahoo one. It will go away on its own. Save yourself the run around with customer service.

  5. kennith endicott Says:

    no comment i have two accounts and would like to close one

  6. edward eckert Says:

    just want to clos account nothing to do with servce

  7. Anita Says:

    Close Account

  8. Anita Says:

    Close Account immediately

  9. habibkhan Says:

    sorry to say but i want to close my acc…

  10. howard Says:

    I would like to stop rather close my email account with yahoo, sorry to do this to you,but i feel its important for me.

  11. vikram Says:


  12. Aaron Roseman Says:

    i am not satisfied with this site.

  13. Laurie Says:

    I want my yahoo e-mail closed asap, this e-mail provider is not very good at all. The spam gaurd for this site is terrible.

  14. Melvin Thomas Says:

    After reading your TOS and other information re: Yahoo, I have decided I do not want to do business with Yahoo. Please terminate my account. Thankyou, Melvin Thomas

  15. Melvin Thomas Says:

    I gave you my comments, Please get on with it!

  16. Leslie Cox Says:

    Please close my account ASAP.. I no longer want this account or want anyone else to use it.. Thank you

  17. Haley Thomas Says:

    I like YAHOO! but I am going off to college this fall and already have an email account with the college!!! :)~

  18. John Lee Says:

    I want my yahoo e-mail closed asap, this e-mail provider is very good. However the spam gaurd for this site is not effective. I flag unwanted mail by using spamguard. All it does is to put them in to Bulk Mail. I have to empty hundreds every day.

  19. marie tate Says:

    i want my e-mail closed from yahoo asap i have to many and this one isnt for me

  20. vikas Says:

    Please terminate my account

  21. Shwetha Says:

    I have 2 yahoo a/cs. I want to close this particular one. I don’t use it!

  22. Kayla Says:

    …no comment, i just want you to close my yahoo account period all together i no longer want to have this account anymore.

  23. james grzelka Says:

    why can,t i terminate my yahoo account

  24. james grzelka Says:


  25. Tamsyn Hickey Says:

    please terminate this i can’t take it ne more

  26. T k Says:

    hi i’d really like to continue using this email but i have to addresses on here and i just realised i can’t use my Yahoo! instant messenger its really starting to get to me what could have caused this??????????

  27. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  28. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  29. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  30. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  31. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  32. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  33. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  34. alan alan Says:

    no comments

  35. B Marley Says:

    I’d like my email terminated as well! PLEASE

  36. tina Says:

    i do have other accounts also. so this account is not important for me. so pls terminate it

  37. cheryel Says:

    please terminate yahoo

  38. susan r krone Says:

    Please send me a list of all yahoo screen names so that i can terminate them and i want all of my archive history deleted with yahoo…..