A Comedy of Errors

Ok, this news is a little old, but you will have to forgive me because I went out of town just after the story broke, and I didn’t get a chance to tell you about it. For those of you who don’t like my takes on local politics, stick around for this one; it’s worth it. P.S. you also probably shouldn’t move near C-town. We only get news with a “Cleveland Connection”. If somebody from C-town’s sister’s mother’s cousin had a flat tire in Omaha and got stranded, that is WAY more important than the war in Afghanistan, unless of course the Indian’s won a baseball game. Alright already, on with the story…

Last week, our fair city’s fearless leader, Jane Campbell, was in England trying to drum up tourism and encourage people to take non-stop daily flights here for their business and travel needs. While she was away, the computers at City Hall crashed and the staff was working diligently to correct the system. They finally got it back up and operational the morning Mayor Campbell returned. Everything’s fine, right? Wrong. City Hall doesn’t have a back-up server and they lost all of Mayor Campbell’s schedule and her appointments because apparently it never occurred to any of them to write it down or at least store the information in two different places. This, in itself, is embarrassing enough, but then, they get on the news and tell everyone about it. They ask everyone to forgive Mayor Campbell if she has an appointment with them and missed it, and they suggest anyone who did have an appointment with her call her office and let her staff know the date, time, and location. Wait a minute, just let me check one thing, yep, THIS IS THE MAYOR OF MAJOR AMERICAN CITY NOT MAYBERRY! Good Lord, how stupid can you be? I hope a bunch of nut jobs and convicts phoned up to get appointments with the brain trust, err…mayor’s office; it would serve them right. What leader gets on the news and says, I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing for the next month, so call and remind me! Then, just like all the other times something has gone wrong while she was in charge, she tried to blame the previous administration saying, no one informed her they didn’t have a back-up server. This from the woman who on her first day in office, whined and complained our former mayor (Mayor White) and his staff didn’t stay behind to tell her how to use the phone! A.) Shouldn’t you already know by then? B.) Does that ever happen? Remember the “W’s” at the White House? It is the nature of the game. Out with the old, in with the new. C.) What do you have an assistant for? (Hint: for taking care of things like this and making sure they don’t end up on the news, so you don’t look stupid). Too late. Thank goodness Office Max stepped in and set the mayor’s office up with new computers and some temporary tech support. My advice to Mayor Campbell, get a new staff, fire your media advisor, hire permanent tech support people (notice people not person), write down your schedule, stop blaming former Mayor White for your ineptitude, and most of all stop embarassing us; we are still trying to live down that whole mistake on the lake thing and the BURNING RIVER! You are NOT helping!

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