What Isn’t Killing Me?

Who can watch the news anymore? Everyday, something else is going to kill us. Guess what people…every single one of us is going to die (some sooner than others), but it is curtains for all of us eventually. Stop obsessing!

The latest study warns of the dangers of carbohydrates after they have been fried or baked (i.e. potato chips, french fries, and bread). It’s not that I don’t believe the study, but I am just sick of hearing about it. Everything causes cancer from cell phones to deodorant, even our bras are suspect. We can’t even have any vices anymore. People hate you if you smoke, if you drink you need to be in rehab, if you’re overweight you must get skinny, if you’re out of shape, it’s time to join a gym, if you have sex, you need to get a blood test and a signed waiver. I don’t even bite my fingernails anymore. I am not advocating just lying around and eating what ever you want, not exercising, drinking and smoking all day and then having sex with a junkie whore, but I do think you should have what you want as long as it is in moderation. Don’t worry about dying, worry about living. Death comes too soon for all of us and if you spend your life bargaining for a couple extra days here and there, you may realize you missed all the good stuff life has to offer. So be healthy, but stop sounding the death knoll; we have a lot of living to do. Most importantly, don’t forget to look both ways before you cross the street, even healthy people are no match for a speeding bus!

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