And The Gravy Train Keeps On Rolling Along

World renowned screw-up Marcia Clark is the new “legal expert” for Entertainment Tonight’s coverage of the Robert Blake story. Since when is she an expert on anything besides being hideously ugly? Last I checked, her 15 minutes of fame were over. Now she is gravy-training Robert Blake to get back into the limelight. She has nothing to add to this story. She is just a bitter old crone whose takes include sarcastic monologues to the camera on how she “really believes the story Robert Blake is telling.” Even her sarcasm sucks; I don’t like the guy and I want him set free in the hopes he will go postal on her ass. Did ET forget the American viewers of the “greatest show on earth” hated Marcia Clark. She lost her case because she wanted to try it in the media, and let’s face it, Johnny Cochran kicked her ass (with a little help from those idiots in the L.A. Police Department). Now the District Attorney’s office is trying to live that down and put on a case that is not a media circus and there she is dragging it back down to her level. She is not even associated with the current district attorney’s office or this case and still she is trying sell what little integrity she has left to parlay this case into her next book deal. Hey Marcia, people’s lives are not a game. Regardless of whether Robert Blake is guilty, a woman is still dead. A murder victim and her family deserve justice and your ignorant tirades on tabloid television won’t help them get that. If you don’t have any respect for yourself or the legal system, at least try to have respect for the victim’s family and the American people. Get off the gravy train and crawl back under the rock you came from; we are sick of you.

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  1. anonymous Says:

    I agree marica clark is ugly than an asshole