Customer Service 101

So, I’m in Wal-mart today, and I actually make it to the checkout despite the vast multitude of morons in my way. I am almost home free; 8 items or less, and I’m out the door. Instead, there is this guy with his cart parked diagonally, half in the customer service lane, half in mine. He’s chatting it up with the girl behind the counter; so I say, “Excuse me, are you in line?”. He says, “Yeah” and proceeds to run over my toe on his way to the cashier. He leaves his cart in the line, checks out, makes his payment, and then stands there blocking the aisle. {FYI, I am a price watcher; stores are always overcharging for stuff on their scanners, and I like to watch my purchases scan, so I can make sure I’m not getting screwed.} Since he won’t move his cart and go home, I try to push it forward so I can see the display. Suddenly, a lightbulb goes off in his brain and he decides to move, but not out the door, he decides he’ll take the cart back over to the greeter by the front door. He flips the cart around and runs into my hip. He says nothing; no sorry, no oops, no kiss my ass, no nothing. So I say, “Asshole”. Unbelievably, the girl at the counter says to me, “You know that is the owner of this store, don’t you? Did he do something to you?” I’m like, “Yeah, he ran over my foot, and he just drove his cart into my hip”. She repeats, “He’s the owner of this store”. I’m thinking, excuse me, does that help? A.) Still an asshole. B.) Probably ought to think about being nicer to his customers. What I actually say is, “Well, that really doesn’t inspire me to shop here”. Then, I finished my purchase and left.

I am not going to bother telling you to boycot Wal-mart because let’s face it, I need their cheap crap and so do the rest of you, but I had to say something. I mean who acts like that, and worse, who says, gee I am sorry that guy is a dick, but don’t worry, he is an owner, in a pathetic attempt to make me feel better? Next time, just say, “What an ass, can you believe that guy?”. Trust me, I wouldn’t have known he was an owner, and I never would have passed this story on if you had.

P.S. Not that any of you live in C-town, but if you do, think twice before visiting your friendly neighboorhood North Olmsted Wal-mart.

One Response to “Customer Service 101”

  1. sisoflexx Says:

    I totally agree with you, and if I didn’t, well, I might as well be the ass you had the good fortune to run into at Wal Mart.
    I, for one, decided years ago not to go to Wal Mart or K mart ever again.
    And for good reason. Like you’ve mentioned, the rudeness. Also, I’ve gone in ( When I was going in those hell- holes ) and knew EXACTLY what I wanted, took 5 mins. to locate it, got up to checkout…And out of 30 lanes, 5 of them being express, there were 2-3 open. This is after work, mind you, not a midnight snack I was picking up because I was peckish.
    Anyway, this happened way too many times, and I don’t care who tells me, ” Oh, there’s a cool sale on at Walmart, you should..” No, I won’t. EVER.
    Thanks for listening to me gripe.;o)