Sing along with McCartney

I hate morning radio shows; I can’t stand all the mindless talking. I never listen to them even though my co-workers have an obvious addiction to one of them. Anyway, this morning my alarm is set to radio and it keeps going off (I hit the snooze button a good 10 times before I go anywhere).

Paul McCartney is coming to town and his show is sold out (big surprise), and every radio station in town has a promotion going for its listeners exclusive chance to win great seats. Today’s promotion was karaoke, 7 o’clock in the morning karaoke! Not only should there be a law forbidding karaoke, you should be shot on site for suggesting it be done in the morning. But wait…this picture gets worse…at least if it was real karaoke, they wouldn’t be singing acapella. Contestants could choose any Beatles, Wings, or McCartney duet they wanted (thankfully no one chose “Say Say Say”) for a chance at the tickets. As an added bonus, if you stopped by the station’s broadcast studio to sing your ditty, you got an automatic 10 whopping chances to win.

The first three contestants I heard were so bad, I almost called up and sang “Hey Jude” to put them out of their misery. Finally I could take it no more (ok truth be told, I had to go to work), so I turned off the radio and headed off to my oh so exciting day at the office. But I can’t help thinking I should write my congressman and demand morning karaoke and more specifically Beatles karaoke of any kind should be outlawed all together. I mean, tell the truth, has anyone out there ever seen a good karaoke performance or for that matter, a decent cover of a Beatles classic (that is if you are old enough to understand this sentence). Come on now, everybody sing it with me, ” Hey Jude…”

See what I mean?

P.S. Thank god my weather pixie is finally wearing some clothes. She’s been in a crop top for three days and it has barely been over 50. At least today she has a sensible coat on, since it is barely expected to hit 40. This just proves the theory that all girls, even computerized girls, are slaves to fashion. Maybe she just can’t bring herself to accept that it is almost May and there still no end of winter in sight (not here in the land of darkness and gray anyway).

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