The Dynamic Duo Hit The Red Carpet

I promised my friend I would wait until after Spider-man opened to talk about it here, but I have to mention a few things that happened on E!’s coverage of last night’s premiere in Westwood, CA. I have been looking forward to this movie for over a year, and finally it is here; and who does E! put on the red carpet doing the interviews and introductions? The original plastic anchors, those Ken and Barbie dolls, Tweedle dumb and Tweedle dumber, the one, the only team for incompetent journalism (if you can call it that), Steve Kmetko and Jules Asner! These two morons yuck it up nightly on E! News Daily, and trust me, they suck there too, but last night they were pathetic.

At one point they were interviewing Stan Lee, the famed creator of Spider-man and executive producer of the new movie, and Jules starts asking him if the movie is what he invisioned for Spider-man when he drew it. He looks at her for a second, takes a pause, and then says, well, actually I didn’t draw it, I wrote it. Hey Jules, stick to Wild on E! where you need boobs not brains for sucess, interviews are not the place for you. Steve Kmetko wasn’t much better calling Bill Paxton’s father Joe not John. Before you say, simple mistake, who knows actor’s father’s names? John Paxton is in this film, Bill was only there to support him. The dynamic duo barely got Matthew Perry to talk to them, embarrased his little sister, forgot to answer their own trivia question when they interviewed one of my favorite actors, James Franco, kept getting stonewalled by celebrities who were sick of them asking the same old questions, and worst of all they couldn’t make up their mind (I use that singularly and loosely) about whether there was only going to be one sequel or two. You thought Joan and Melissa Rivers were bad, at least they are trying to be funny even if they aren’t succeeding.

In case you missed it , I will run down a few of my favorite highlights from the red carpet. Will Smith’s son, Trey, was clearly unimpressed by their whitty banter; he was seen yawning while they asked his dad stupid questions. LeAnn Rimes’ husband, Dean Sheremet, told Steve and Jules he was “wearing Spider-man underwear”. Later, Steve asked LeAnn and Dean if they were out to show their support for the Spider-man film and Dean responded with the following zinger, “I’m not supporting Spider-man nearly as much as he’s supporting me”. Priceless. Then, the usually dry and somewhat annoying Cliff Robertson made my night by telling Jules, “You look better with clothes on” which completely floored her and she quickly added, “He’s talking about Wild on E!“. It serves her right, early she mis-punctuated a sentence directed at Stan Lee by saying, “I don’t want to DATE you…………………………but how long have you been trying to bring Spider-man to the big screen? Damn those teleprompters! Where’s Mary Hart when you need her. This show definitely could have used a good seizure!

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