Fly Southwest?

Ordinarily, I am not a very happy camper and when my job decided I couldn’t take my vacation as scheduled, I was pissed. Today I thought I would take a moment to be positive for a change and let you all know how great Southwest was to me. Ok, for starters, they’re cheap, which is tops on my list. To be honest, it IS a little annoying to have to wait in line for a boarding pass, but the trade off is worth it. Plus, there are no annoying asses in 1st class; everyone is equal at Southwest. The best thing about Southwest though is their remarkable willingness to trade my tickets to another day without question or charge. How refreshing to deal with a company that will actually help you and not punish you for something outside of your control. Anyway, props to Southwest, and if you are ever in need of cheap airline tickets and you don’t mind standing in line, may I suggest you fly Southwest.

P.S. Their food sucks, so bring your own snacks! Unless of course you like 6 peanuts and 3 raisins. Did I say AND? I meant OR.

In other news, The Basement Butcher isn’t just shut down, he’s also locked-up and facing charges. Good Riddance. Also, My weather pixie has now officially freaked out. Oh well. Lastly, be sure and tune in tomorrow for my views on Spider-man; I’ve been waiting months to write about it and I can’t wait. I warn you though, I might be positive tomorrow as well which is really scary considering how negative I usually am. Until then…

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