Ignorance Is Contagious

More than 1,200 morons from this great planet have visited petitiononline.com to sign a request asking Lord of The Ring’s director Peter Jackson to change the name of the next installment of the trilogy. Apparently, these bottom feeders feel The Two Towers is too remniscent of the Twin Towers disaster and the movie should be renamed. Some of them go as far as saying New York should be renamed or the words “world”, “trade”, and “center” should be removed from our vocabulary. What? Maybe they should look in to getting a padded cell because that jibberish isn’t going to get us anywhere. How can you re-name a book written and conceived years before the World Trade Center was even built? I am not even going to address the utter stupidity of petitioning to change the name of a city or words in our vocabulary. There is no way an intelligent, rational human being who currently resides in reality can address such a ridiculous notion.

Even if we never saw another picture or uttered another word about September 11th, we would never forget, and we shouldn’t, but we should move on. Certainly, we have to be realistic about the appearance of these “reminders”. Everything can be a reminder. Should we ground all airplanes and switch to traveling by bus or train so no one is reminded of that terrible day? Be reasonable, some things are in bad taste, others things simply exist in the world. You can not change them, so stop trying. J.R.R. Tolkien’s book just is, get over it. It has nothing at all to do with September 11th, the World Trade Center or anything else except a series of really entertaining books which it might do your brain some good to READ. If you signed that petition, trust me your brain needs some exercising. I guess this proves the old addage about losing what you don’t use true. Brain cells are a terrible thing to waste. Step away from the computer, rejoin society, and you will get your mind back in time for the movie, I promise. Otherwise, please don’t crawl out from your hole again, frankly, you are scaring the rest of us.

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