Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams

This really isn’t a rant, more of an observation, but I saw something today that should cheer up anybody having a bad day. I’ve been a little depressed lately and kinda feeling sorry for myself, but this definitely helped put things in perspective. I was headed to the movies with my husband, and since we seldom go to the movies on Saturday night, we decided to try out a new theater. On the way there, we passed a trailer park (scary, I know), but in this trailer park, right on the someone’s front “lawn” was a Dead End Street sign. How depressing is that, you live in a trailer in Parma, OH and every day you come home from a hard day at work and there’s that sign staring you in the face? Talk about a downer. How can you live like that, knowing you’re on a dead end street? Come on, hitch up your trailer and drive it somewhere else, that can’t be good for the children. The universe is clearly trying to send you a message and you ignore it every day of your life?

While I’m on the subject of trailers, why does every trailer park in America have a street called Sunset in it? Is there some code I missed? What’s up with that? I have a lot of experience with tornado magnets, I grew up in Alabama, but I just don’t get the Sunset thing. If anyone out there has a theory on this one I’d really like to know.

P.S. Yes, I did go see Spider-man again, but it was for a good cause, my husband hadn’t seen it yet. Alright, I admit it, I was going to go anyway, but it sounds better if I had to take him. When does it come out on DVD?

P.P.S. Props to the excellent civil servant aka cop who pulled us over after the movie, he didn’t give us a ticket, but he did make sure we weren’t driving drunk. You know us wild old people, give us 2 hours of Spider-man and we’re erratic for days. Seriously though, way to keep the streets safe officer.

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