A Very Special Wish

I don’t usually write on Sunday’s, but today I will make an exception for two very special people in my life.

First, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Even though you don’t have a computer, and you wouldn’t know how to turn it on if you did, I just want to say thanks for always believing in me and never giving up on me. You may not be the perfect mother all the time, but you are always the best mother anyone could ever ask for. I love you.

Second, I want to say congratulations to my baby sister on her “official” graduation from college (technically she graduated in December, but who’s counting?). I know you worked very hard for this day, and if you ever get discouraged, just look at yesterday’s rant and think about the good things in your life. You are a beautiful, young, “college-educated” woman who is about to open the door to the rest of her life. Close this chapter, leave the past in the past, but cherish this moment. You will look back on it fondly. Most of all, have fun and remember how strong you had to be to come this far. Never forget, the measure of true success is happiness. Way to go, Weezie! P.S. tell Mom what I wrote, I want brownie points for internet sentiment!

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