Ho Hum TV

Forget “Must See”, NBC (now referred to as the Nothing else Better Channel) announced their “stunning” fall line-up today. Truth be told, I still haven’t forgiven them for cancelling The Pretender a few years ago, but exactly what market are they after, the one foot in the grave? I haven’t seen a less imaginative, less appealing line-up in years. They renewed all their stand by hits, but I am sure the story lines will remain uninspired, and they did almost no house cleaning for some fresh ideas (Just Shoot Me got renewed and Dateline is still on the air). The very, and I mean very, few new shows they did add are stock and boring; worse, they are cast with has beens, I thought he was dead, and who the hell is that guy actors? For god’s sake, 15 year-olds aspiring to be dancers on American Bandstand? Break out the Geritol, must see really is must flee. Just think, a mediocre freshman comedy (Scrubs) gets to take on the coveted post-Friends slot, and the kiss of death for all sitcoms, (think Conrad Bloom, Caroline in the City, and Fired Up) Mark Feuerstein, is getting his own Thursday night comedy (after Will and Grace). Again? Hasn’t he killed enough Primetime? What NBC exec does this guy have dirt on? He gets more chances to blow a series than the entire cast of Seinfeld! Let me close by saying Donnie Wahlberg in Boomtown? There are only two words remotely redeeming about this show’s description, Jason Gedrick, unfortunately, he has his own kiss of death curse to work out. Can you say flatline? Someone please send NBC a case of Vivarin, clearly someone has been sleeping on the job. On second thought, maybe they don’t need it afterall, I predict these guys have a lot a sleepless nights ahead of them.

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