Banishment Overview

In the spirit of fun and my universal disgust with everything, I have created a banishment category for my page. Any one, any where is eligible, all they have to do is annoy me or one of you. I will get us started, but you may submit your own request at any time by e-mailing me who you wish was banished and why. Of course, as always, you may agree or disagree with the choices by using the comment form, but please refrain from extreme flaming and excessive cursing or I may edit and/or delete your comments.

One Response to “Banishment Overview”

  1. Liltruthie Says:

    How can you have Nicole Kidman and not Tom Cruise? The guy’s a no-talent and the fact that he makes the cash he makes is a travesty. Though Nicole’s a whiner, you would be too if you married an obviously gay man and got none of the benefits of it. She had all of the style and talent, and being a citizen of the “convict colony” gives her points in my mind.
    For further fuel on banishing them both (and so many others) read The Smoking Gun, by William Bastone.