Overheard At Star Wars

I’m sure you have all seen it by now, so I won’t bore you with my review, but I can’t help but pass on a few quick quips I overheard Saturday night.

As you have probably noticed, companies have begun airing commercials along with previews before your favorite movies. I personally despise the practice, but the guy behind me had me in stitches. He was heckling the advertisements. In our theater, they showed a PSA about the rewards of having/being a friend, “Friendship, pass it on”. He responded, “How bad has our country gotten that we have to advertise friendship? You need a commercial to tell you to make friends?”. Then, my favorite stupid new slogan, “An Army of One” shows up. The spot features a drill sergeant telling his “men” they are only as strong as their weakest member. The guy behind me throws out, “But Sarg, I thought you said we were an Army of one”.

The last one actually happened after the movie, and I only include it because my husband thought this girl was funny. She runs up to her parental units (they chose to sit farther away from the screen) and tells them she liked the part where Yoda was fighting Count Dooku except she was disappointed because she thought Yoda was going to use his light saber to cut him off at the knees. It was funny, but I think you had to be there for that one.

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