Free Winona

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is reportedly fuming over Winona Ryder‘s recent attempts to make light of her arrest for shoplifting and possession of Oxycodone. They assert the charges against her are very serious and she doesn’t appear to understand the magnitude of the situation. She recently appeared on the cover of W magazine wearing one of the now famous “Free Winona” t-shirts and during the season finale of SNL last weekend she poked fun at her “sticky fingers” arrest. Exactly what else is she supposed to do? Granted, she probably should have avoided the arrest in the first place, but at this point what choice does she have? It is awkward for anyone faced with this type of charge, but she is in the public eye with a movie to promote. She can’t hide. Making light of the situation is her only defense (in the media anyway). The rest is up to her lawyers.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office can’t even convict celebrity MURDERERS and they expect us to care about a trumped up shoplifting charge against a woman who could easily pay for the items. So what? She made fun of the situation. Guess what, it IS funny-whether they like it or not. If they want to be mad at someone for making light of a situation, they should talk to that gravy-trainer Marcia Clark. She is an embarrassment to the entire office and they don’t bother to object to her going on tv to make light of Robert Blake‘s “situation”. Face the facts, everyone in America has made fun of your office at one point or another, so don’t sweat it. Just try focusing on winning a case for once. Why do you care if Winona makes fun of her arrest? If she is guilty, prove it, and if you actually manage to; then I guarantee you she will realize the magnitude of the charges against her. But until you actually win a case, your attempt at celebrity trials will remain a laughable mockery of justice that no amount of whining will ever solve.

6 Responses to “Free Winona”

  1. Heather Says:

    I agree. I couldn’t believe it either, when murderers are running around free. Shoplifting is a crime, yes, but if she is found guilty, or not, there’s no law against laughing about it.

  2. Mad Bull Says:

    What Heather said! Now I’m sure she can afford the items so if she really did it, it was obviously for a kick. That really doesn’t help the stores though, they don’t care why you shoplift, just that you do… Anyway, what in blue blazes do they expect her to do, slit her wrists? Its called damage control!

  3. sheri Says:

    The SNL finale was hilarious! Great post 🙂

  4. Dave Says:


    Today the DA’s and Prosecutors are like curse to america society, harresing harmless citizens where as the dangerous mobsters and snipers roam free. Harmless crimes like these should no more be tried in criminal courts but should be dealt in peoples court and should only lead to financial fines and no jail sentence.


  5. joe hunnewinkel Says:

    I’ve gone on an all bran diet until this whole Winona persecution is over.

  6. Meez Says:

    Come on!! Winona’a nothing but a simple thief! She deserves to be put behind bars like the rest of them. Just because she’s a celebrity means she deserves pity?