Matt George

For constantly bugging me about making this site more profane. It’s about my ideas and opinions, Matt, not about how many creative F-bombs I can drop. Can’t you fucking understand that?

5 Responses to “Matt George”

  1. Da Man Says:

    Stop whining! You are mine now!

  2. Matt George Says:

    MMMMMM who says I am

  3. matt george Says:

    What up man, you stole my name punk. email me back later.

  4. Tracey Lynn Hatlen Sakals Says:

    As verbose as always, eh? I am a regular poster on GuardianUnlimited Haven – Perez43.

  5. Tracey Lynn Hatlen Sakals Says:

    Today is Whitsunday in England. Temperature’s mid 70s. The wine in hand is a very one-dimensional Californian plonk, which suits itself better with potato chips than with good cheese.

    My commentary is banality itself. Are you Matt C. George?