To Help The Needy?

If there is one thing good we learned from September 11th, it is, most people have a really good heart and want to help each other. The outpouring of support and donations was astonishing. The distribution of those gifts of generosity was not. Now the country is faced with raging fires in the West and President Bush is delivering Federal Aid, which is great, but what about the local donations being collected. The call went out for people interested in helping to provide necessities like toiletries, cots, chapstick, sunscreen, dog carriers and supplies, toys for the children, etc. Now the Salvation Army is running ads to counteract these donations claiming they have more than enough supplies, now they need cash. I do see their point and I understand they need cash to help, but every night there are people without these items on the news appealing for our contributions. Why isn’t their “stock pile” of supplies being delivered? I know money always helps and it will be distributed to people in need, but after September 11th, I find myself asking when? There are millions of dollars that have not been dispersed to the victims and their families. I have heard the arguements and the red tape involved, but I can see why people are now more inclined to donate actual things instead of cash. At least then you can hope your donation will be put to good use. I do value charitable organizations like The Salvation Army and The Red Cross, and I believe they do good work (most of the time), but I wish they were more upfront about where our donations are going and when they will be dispersed. As a skeptic, I can’t help it, I want to know.

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