Are You Kidding Me?

Sometimes, I get so unbelievably angry with our justice system; there is a man here in Northeast Ohio who has been convicted of 17 DUI’s and he is about to stand trial for his 18th! How is he still a member of society? Free a few pot heads if there is no room for him in the jails, or better yet, stop spending my tax dollars to build sports arenas and start using them to build more jails to house idiots like him. This man did not make one or two bad decisions in his life; he is not seeking rehabilitation. He has been a habitual offender since 1984. Thank God he didn’t kill his latest DUI victim, but what about next time? I know he doesn’t have a license and soon the State of Ohio will begin confiscating vehicles driven by drunk drivers(regardless of whether it belongs to them or not), but what about protecting us, the law abiding citizens in his path? It is not okay by me if he continues to go free, and I am sure it is not okay by the Holtzheimers whose daughter was struck down in her own front yard. He just left her there to die and drove away. He has shown no sympathy or remorse because he clearly doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions, and he continues to get away with a slap on the wrist. I don’t think we will see any real sorrow from him or his family until we throw his sorry ass in jail for the rest of his life, and he pleads for his freedom so he can do it again. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get to see that day until someone’s dead body is involved and a grieving family demands justice. Too late, I demand it NOW; there has to be a better way to stop this man without having to wait for him to murder someone with his car.

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