Senseless Execution

I continue to be shocked by the stupidity of others. I know I don’t have any children of my own, but I do have common sense, and I have been inside a hot car before. I am disgusted by the fact 2 more children were tortured to death inside their mother’s Dodge Neon so she could get her hair done. Every summer we see the news reports of these senseless deaths that were easily preventable. Last year, I even remember one mother got angry with the police because they busted out her van window to rescue her children from the heat inside. In the case of Tara Maynor, she didn’t even crack a window; her children baked to death pawing at the windows for air, her three year old son desperately trying to save his 18 month old sister. What makes this story so sickening is when she returned to her car after 3 1/2 hours inside the hairdressers and found her children dead, she didn’t even rush them to the hospital or cry out with remorse. She drove around with their bodies for over an hour while she made up a story about being abducted and raped, forced to leave her children in that car and desperate to get back to them. I can’t begin to describe how angry this makes me; I wish we could lock her in a car for even one hour and see how much she likes it. I would still be angry if she hadn’t lied, but I would also have compassion; I would hope her story would be an example to others about the dangers of leaving your children inside the car even for a few minutes so that nothing like this would ever happen again. For now, I just can’t fathom how anyone could think leaving their children unattended anywhere for 3 1/2 hours, especially locked in a hot car, was acceptable, and then to deceive the police in a pathetic “Susan Smith” attempt to clear yourself from guilt just makes it seem so much more despicable. I support the district attorney’s choice to try her on murder one charges, and I hope the jury will see the heinous nature of this crime and sentence her to life, that’s more than Adonnis and Acacia got.

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