Rattle, Rattle, Tug, Tug

What is the deal with people in public restrooms? Having just returned from vacation, I feel I have to say something. In case you didn’t know this, if the restroom door is locked, that means it is occupied! I am in the airport taking care of business and someone tugs on the door, discovers it resists and then yanks it open. She seems very startled to see me there even though she had to forcefully open the door and utters a brief apology. No more than 2 minutes later, it happens again. The woman is different, but equally as surprised to see me there. The whole trip was filled with people who couldn’t figure out locked means occupied. Yesterday was the worst, I was in an enclosed restroom, not a stall AND it bolts shut; I’m safe right? Wrong. I hear a gentle twist of the handle, then seconds later a harder tug, followed by silence. All of the sudden someone rams their entire body into the door (it had to hurt, the door shook from the pressure). I yelled out, “Yes,…can I help you,” and responds, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in there”. What? He practically broke down the door. How could he not know someone was in there? If you try the door and you are still not sure, why not knock and ask BEFORE you rip open the door? Has common sense and courtesy gone out the window? What has happened to our culture when we can’t even go to the bathroom in peace? Do the world a favor, when in doubt, please remember to KNOCK!

One Response to “Rattle, Rattle, Tug, Tug”

  1. col Says:

    very odd..I’m always paranoid of that happening, but it never has. Personally, I always look under the stall door to see if there are feet.