Everything Comes Full Circle

Since returning from vacation, I have set myself on course to get my Driver’s License. I write about it here because it is an extremely circular and frustrating system to be involved in, and I am sure you can all relate. The states may be different, but the arbitrary nature of the process is the same.

First of all, why can’t you take a class until you get a permit? What if you need the class to get the answers to the questions they are going to ask you in order to be issued the permit? Why is it when you call, they tell you you need a “permit packet” to apply for a permit and you can buy it at any license office, but they don’t tell you the packet isn’t forms to fill out or a sample test, it is a photo id and an uncertified piece of paper that you have to take to another office and get certified after you pass the written portion of the test? Is that really a packet? And how come you can get the “packet” anywhere, but you can only take the test at 3 locations and they have different hours of operation?

I finally solved part of the mystery on Saturday when I obtained my learner’s permit and scored 30 for 30 on the written portion. The funny part of the whole thing is, I filled out my paperwork and I was waiting in line for them to take my picture, and the woman calls out a name( I can’t understand her, but it later becomes evident she said Aimee). Although I didn’t understand her, this girl came running up and was talking about how excited she was to be there, and the woman took her picture. Then they called the guy in line ahead of me. By this time, they called me over to pay the cashier. I told her I hadn’t had my picture taken yet; I was still in line. She said, “yes you did, see”, and she proceeded to show me my id with the fat whore’s picture on it. I said, “that isn’t me! Look, she has blonde hair, I have brown hair.” Then the woman chastises me saying, “why didn’t you say something sooner?” I replied, “How was I supposed to know you were actually going to photograph the wrong person, she called out Amy into a room with 75 people in it, are you actually surprised there was more than one? Why not call first and last names?” Now they are miffed at me and I figure my picture is going to come out looking like the devil (it is not too bad, but they did stretch out my head, so I look distorted). As I was getting ready to leave, they called for Bill, just Bill no last name, wanna bet she took the wrong person’s photo again?

Fast forward to me trying to sign up for driving lessons. I am calling around to get an instructor, but the place I wanted to go is too busy with teenagers to help adults right now, but they will be glad to take my money if I wait 2 months. Yeah right. I found another school, and I think they will work out ok, but I find it amusing they will pick you up for your driving lessons, but not for the classroom sessions. You have to find your own ride there. Does that make sense? By law, I can’t drive alone and even if I could, I don’t have a car, but they expect me to drive across town to take part in their classroom sections. Why are they so willing to pick me up and let me drive around their car, but not take their instuction course? Strange but true. I’ll let you know how Phase Two works out; then comes the true test, Phase Three-the driving test.

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  1. John Hancock Says:

    i wannah take the permit test