Thoughts on Labor Day

Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day, well Americans anyway. I know I did, even if Earthlink and Ameritech are battling it out for the all-time who’s more incompotent trophy. I am finally logged-on to my husband’s lap top, but I am a horrible typist on this thing, so today won’t be one of my long winded days.

Item number one: props to me, I am finally a licensed driver in the State of Ohio, so I can drive alone and go wherever I want! Yea, me! For those of you on the roads, look out, I am coming for you.

Item number two: I am appalled to learn no network affiliate here in C-town can find it in their pocketbooks to air the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon in its entirety. A portion of it was aired on our local WB station, but come on, what the hell else is the WB airing besides repeats of crappy ass programming anyway (The Pretender excluded), couldn’t they at least air the whole thing? No, I wasn’t going to sit at home and watch the entire telecast, but it is the principle of the matter. I shouldn’t have to go to WGN to see the telethon; it is an American tradition.

Item number three: I spent my afternoon watching The Flying Thunderbirds at the air show here in C-town. On my way to the gates, I was met by the oh so frequent nut job protestors. There is always someone protesting at every event in this town, go figure. Guess they have nothing better to do on a holiday. At any rate, this got me thinking about the cost the city has to pay to clean up after these guys, even the so called environmental protestors pass out fliers that ultimately end up on the ground and after every event, tax dollars are spent to clean up the litter created by these dicarded fliers. I think we should fine groups who dispense this rubbish at public events. I know the city will say this is too hard, but I have seen it work in other places, and since you have to register at city hall to stage one of these protests, perhaps you should have to put down a deposit if you plan to pass out fliers. If you clean up after yourselves, you get your money back, otherwise, the city uses it to pay for the clean up.

On a slightly different note, here are a couple of things I noticed at the air show. 1-there are a lot of ugly people in C-town. 2-Being a redneck has nothing whatsoever to do with your location in this country, it is a state of mind. 3-How did Amish people get to the air show? Did they set out on a three day buggy ride? Why did they want to come to an event that is in celebration of a technology they have not embraced? Furthermore, why would one of the Amish fathers be carrying a beeper? What is it like when your girlfriend is Amish, but you are not? Did you know Amish men have access to purple and turquoise fabrics, but they still can’t wear belts? There is so much I still have to learn about this strange and facsinating way of life. Until next time…

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