My Idol

Why would a 27 year old woman who doesn’t like pop music watch American Idol? Good question. If your are talking about me, the answer is easy, SimonSimon.JPG. I have been hearing nothing but radio babble all day about Simon and how he’s so mean and the producers shouldn’t have signed him to participate in the next installment. Please, if I had to hear Paula Abdul’s cheerleader ass say how great some of these horrible singers were with no honesty from Simon and Randy, I would have had to puke.

Admittedly, the show lost some of its fun towards the end because the really awful singers had been eliminated, and Simon didn’t have anything funny left to say, but the original episodes were hysterical. Granted, most of the finalists sing better than I could ever hope to, but the people in the beginning were absolutely dreadful. It was like watching a train wreck; it’s horrible, but you just can’t help yourself. Simon was probably the first honest critic these kids ever heard. At least he doesn’t pander to them; if they stink or are out performed, he tells them. That is the only way to learn. Last night, Justin even thanked Simon and Randy for their honesty.

As for yesterday’s show, how could the producers honestly think anyone could sing after winning a 2 million dollar contract, especially a girl. That’s like expecting Miss America to sing after she has just been crowned. As for Nikki, I appreciate her wanting to help a friend, but ouch, what a voice! How that girl made it into the top 10 is beyond me. I think she’s really cute, but she sings like a stuck pig. I actually found myself feeling kinda bad for “Puff the Magic Lounge Singer”, he tried so hard, but he just doesn’t have the range. He got into the finals because of his charisma, but he forgot how to use it. Tuesday night, he was straining his voice to sound more like Kelly when he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of out singing her, but he could have out performed her. I swear, if they start dating, I’ll throw up. By the way, who wrote those two “original” songs? They sucked; they are so boring. I expected better from Desmond Child. Basically, the show is crap, but it is a great escape, and it sure beats reruns. It is a chance for me to make fun of others AND “bond” with someone who is even more blunt than me. The truth may hurt, but it makes for priceless tv.

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  1. Carol Says:

    Me too!!! Do we share a brain? Simon was the ONLY reason I watched the show in the first place. I was totally sucked in by wanting to see exactly what he was going to say to these people! It totally cracked me up! Meanwhile, I got so bored by the end AND I am already sick of Kelly Clarkson and the annoyingly lame singles she is about to release. Oh, well…I’m just glad the show is over so I don’t feel obligated to watch anymore!