Please God, Let It Be Next Wednesday

I’ve had it. I can’t watch one more political commercial; they are all so full of shit, it is ridiculous. This one did this, that one did that. When will it all end? I beg you, please, give us a break!

I believe we should all go out and vote. Our ability to take part in shaping the system is paramount, and I do believe there are good candidates out there. Unfortunately, we allow any one with enough money to place an ad on tv. I don’t even care that much about the candidates’ reputations, but I do care about a constant barrage of ads all day long ruining my otherwise blissful television viewing. Even the news is playing the ads, just in case you didn’t see them every 30 seconds during primetime, they make sure you get the recap. Honestly, how much of this can you stand? Constant accusations and rebuttals- it’s mind numbing. The worst part is, any group can make an ad for a candidate, even without their knowledge, and say whatever they want. It makes no difference as long as they have cash. The rest of us get to sit back and be force fed garbage all day long.

You used to be able to switch to cable to escape the madness. Now, even the cable companies are carrying the advertisements. There is no escape, you either have to crawl under a rock for the next week, or tape everything you want to watch and edit out the commercials. Just think, if things are this great now, I bet you can hardly wait for the next sickening display surrounding our 2004 presidential election. On your mark…get set…start holding your breath…right…NOW.

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