Life In The Circus

So, Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley are splitsville? I can’t say I am surprised. What Hollywood marriage ends happily ever after any way? The closest thing to a modern day Romeo and Juliet we’ve seen since Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s fairy tale wedding, and they are reportedly on the outs over differing opinions about the current war (he’s for it, she’s against). Then there is Julia Roberts who finally settled down after breaking many hearts, only to allegedly have problems keeping her man from playing in the other sandbox.

I used to think I wanted the Hollywood life, at least the fame part, but it definitely isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Sure you have lots of money and all the possessions your heart desires, but your ups and downs are played out on tv, and you sacrifice all sense of normalcy for the trappings of fame. Most stars end up claiming they don’t want any part of it once they achieve it, so why do we crave it any way? Because we all want to be immortal.

Take a closer look; celebs are so artificial, incapable of forming their own opinions and sticking to them. They spend so much time trying to convince themselves (and us) they haven’t changed, but honestly, how can you not change? Your priorities shift, your world view gets skewed, everyone wants something from you, and you have more money and people at your disposal than you ever could have possibly imagined. Maybe they are just too blind to see the changes in themselves, but the difference is there. Trust me, “Jenny from the Block” has lost touch with the reality of the street.

I don’t want to see my favorite celebrities fail, but you can’t help it; it is human nature. We are all drawn to them like train wrecks. We are deer caught in the spotlight of fame. The problem is, we create their falls. We build them up so high there is no way any one could live up to our expectations, but they start to believe in our adulation. Sooner or later, the moment passes and we move on to the next big thing, forcing celebs seeking the spotlight to do bigger and more outlandish things to stay on top. Eventually what rose like a meteor falls to earth with a thud. If we are lucky, we catch a glimpse of them on the way down-maybe it is for a laugh or a True Hollywood Story, but mostly we forget, this is their lives not some movie script. We delight in their pain, or in some cases weep with them, all the time forgetting, these are not our friends. They are players on a stage who let us into their lives for a brief moment in time, and let us watch the ultimate “un-reality” show, their bizarre trip under the big top of the mass media circus.

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    I’d do her!