Idol Sham?

I really wasn’t gonna watch this year. I told myself, stick to your guns, tune out American Idol, but then every Wednesday I would come to work and hear everybody talking about how great Ruben and Clay are. Slowly and reluctantly, I caved. Then came the Corey debacle and none of the bottom three got booted off the show. America cried foul; we voted, one of them should pay. I don’t care about the averages; Trenyce or Carmen should be gone. It is just that simple.

It is clear the reprieve was just to keep the show on schedule for its finale, but the decision changed the dynamic of the show. America voted and no one cared. Which brings me back to Trenyce and Carmen. Trenyce is alright, she’s not the best, and she’s not the worst.

But Carmen? Other than hang all over Clay, what has this whore…err…talentless blonde done for us lately? She howls like a sick dog when she tries to sing and she actually pained me with her rendition of Blonde’s “Call Me”. She makes Nikki McKibbin sound like an angel. What is up, America? Did she pay you, offer to snog you, is she going to clean your house for the next 60 years for free? Please, she is horrible, get her out of there!

I didn’t think Rickey would go all the way. Clearly he couldn’t win it all, but he had talent and style, but most of all, he can sing. To tell the honest truth I would have rather heard him sing again and skipped Kelly Clarkson’s new single. She did want that to de a hit, right? I almost fell asleep. And what was that on her head, a dirty brown mop? Invest in a comb sweetheart; you must have the money by now. She could have at least brought back Justin to do the song in the clip, that was bad, but it wasn’t horrible.

I know, I know there is a war on, maybe that is America’s excuse for keeping Carmen, or maybe they just like Clay and feel guilty for separating them. I just hope America has the sense to keep it real with the big 205. Ruben rules in my world…

2 Responses to “Idol Sham?”

  1. Carol Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. However, I think Trenyce sucks too!

  2. Vince Says:

    I certainly don’t understand how Carmen got to stay!! My dog barks a better tune. I’ll tell you who should be gone, and that’s Josh!! That rendition of Celebration could have made all the Iraqies throw down there weapons and run!!! Instead of keeping him here,he should be in Iraq.Okay,he has sung a few good songs but he has no stage presence whatsoever!! Garth Brooks has nothing to worry about!! People need to forget the sympathy vote because he’s a Marine and get rid of him!! You are very right about Clay and Ruben!! Clay has a great voice(a little homely though)but Ruben is effortless. It comes so natural to him,tha none of the rest can touch him!! GO RUBEN!!!!