Random Traffic

To the lady who got on the radio this morning to vent her anger towards people who merge too slowly in front of her: GET OUT OF THE LANE THEY ARE TRYING TO MERGE INTO. It isn’t rocket science, you drive the same way every morning, and every morning someone merges in front of you and slows you down. You are in their way. Here’s a novel idea, do yourself and the guy merging a favor, change lanes BEFORE you get to the on ramp. Then, you won’t have to slow down and he won’t have to break his neck trying to merge in front of you.

I could spend a week complaining about idiot drivers, but I won’t. Face it, people are morons, and clearly they will give a license to any one who applies for it, so you might as well throw common sense to the wind and drive like an idiot. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

But shouldn’t the POLICE know what they are doing? Some of the worst offenders are wearing blue. If they are not causing problems driving erratically on the roads, they are mucking up every rush hour by directing traffic at all the major red lights in the city. Aren’t those things supposed to be synchronized to avoid this very situation? I expected more from the city where the traffic light was invented. What a mistake!

The mayor assures us this is a service provided for our own safety and to keep traffic flowing freely. Really? Exactly how is directing on coming traffic to turn into a flock of pedestrians in a crosswalk promoting safety? This happens on multiple street corners daily; trust me, I have been on both sides of this terrifying situation. We also have police officers that will direct you to drive into the lane they are standing in. Are you sure you want me to hit you? I wonder. They also manage to create complete and total gridlock and stare in amazement after two cars they directed into one another actually collide. It is as if they can’t fathom what just happened, and then have to balls to get irate about it. I have even seen them scream at motorists as they pass by. They force you to change lanes to get out of an intersection they forced you to drive into in the first place.

I am sure stupidity like this exists everywhere, but I can’t help but be amazed. I was driving with my mom on I-77N and the police had closed off all the northbound lanes for overnight construction (unheard of in this union driven town). It was late at night and I had been out of town for several weeks, so I was unaware of any detours (if in fact they actually announced any). I exited the freeway as directed and tried to ask an officer which way to go. He just kept flailing his arms about and saying, “Keep moving, ma’am”. There were no signs, nothing to indicate where I should be going. I just had to follow the semi in front of me and hope for the best.

The cops here even muck up traffic at the airport. There are three lanes at our airport. One to pick up passengers, one for people who are either leaving the pick up lane or looking for another airline, and the final one is an express lane for the parking and hotel shuttles. The airport cops direct everyone into each other’s lanes and refuse to let you change lanes to get into or out of the passenger pick up lane. It’s no wonder there are abandoned cars and people stopping any where they damn well please. The police, who are supposed to be there to help, give you no alternative.

Still think your plan is working Mayor Campbell? Isn’t there anything more productive these guys could be doing? How many police caused traffic accidents will have to occur before you do something about it? Will your officers continue to be allowed to proceed with no regard to the laws they are sworn to uphold?Remember, in C-town, it’s safety first unless you are a police officer.

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