See Scott Run (allegedly)

In America, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but it is not necessary to prove one’s self guilty. Perhaps some one should have told Scott Peterson that. There is more evidence against him than there was against O.J. Simpson. Scott better pray he hires a lawyer who is a witch like Johnnie Cochran.

I understand his parents want to believe in their son, but come on! He was a mere 30 miles from the Mexican border with 10 grand in cash, and a totally new look (I don’t care what his friends say, you don’t get that dye job from a pool and no one forgets to shave and ends up with a goatee). You can leave out the speculation about travel brochures and his brother’s identification documents; things are not looking good for Scott. You can’t blame the police for your son’s suspicious behavior. If he didn’t do it, why is he trying to flee? I don’t care if they do live in San Diego, their excuses just don’t add up.

I also don’t buy his parents argument he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to have gone fishing 3 miles from where the bodies where found. Are you kidding me? Have you seen some of the stupid criminals out there? He was establishing an alibi 90 miles from the scene of Laci’s disappearance. The dump was out of necessity; clearly, he didn’t intend for anyone to ever find her body.

As Hollywood mulls over the story trying to decide if it is marketable movie of the week fodder or better suited to a very special episode of Law and Order, the rest of us are left to wonder, why would Scott Peterson do this (allegedly)? Was it anger, revenge, jealousy, hatred? Why Connor? Why not just Laci? What is the rest of the story? Perhaps we will never know.

There is only one person who can answer these questions for certain and for now, Scott is not talking. Reports say he looks uneasy and afraid. He should be! Justice is coming for him (if the other prisoners don’t get to him first). Watch your back, Scott; there will always be someone inside looking to even the score.

P.S. Mrs. Peterson, try living under Communism or in a Concentration Camp and then talk to me about how bad things are for your son. Here he will have a trial and face a jury of his peers. He will be able to present a defense for the crimes he is accused of and to beg for his life to be spared. If you lived in a nation without rights and freedoms, your son would be dead already and you would not be allowed to talk about it. Still not convinced? Ask the Iraqi people who are searching for their missing loved ones executed by Saddam’s regime.

One Response to “See Scott Run (allegedly)”

  1. Gary P Says:

    Who gives a shit about the Iraqi people’s problems when there are more serious domestic problems in this country? And what does Iraq or Communism have anything to do with Peterson? How do you know what is looking good for him? Seems like it wasn’t looking good for OJ either. But he got aquitted, didn’t he?