Who’s That Man With The Oreo Cookie?

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love San Francisco, but you people seriously need a hobby. More specifically, Stephen Joseph needs a hobby. This asshole has nothing better to do than try to ban Oreo cookies in California because they contain hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. He has more spare time on his hands than councilwoman, Pam Smith of Lakewood, who has made it her mission in life to ban enclosed porches and 24 hour restaurants.

Apparently, Stephen just figured out trans-fatty acids are bad for you (something most of us learned in the third grade, but certainly no later than high school). Anyway, he has filed a lawsuit in California to try and force Kraft Foods, the manufacturer of Oreo Cookies, to stop using hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in the processing of their cookies.

Is it just me or is Stephen Joseph the only guy on the planet who didn’t realize Oreos aren’t good for you? Has anyone ever seen them flying off the shelves of health food stores? Does the food pyramid recommend a diet rich in trans fatty acids? When I think of healthy eating and nutrition, the last thing that comes to mind is an Oreo. Still, I love to eat them because they taste good in spite of, or more likely because of the trans fat included in them.

Stephen takes his argument further, faulting the industry for secretly including these oils in chips, other cookies and snack products. You know, the FDA has guidelines for putting labels on products for a reason, idiot. The existence of these substances in foods has been spelled out for years; all you had to do was read the label. Regardless, where do you get off trying to ban Oreos for the rest of us? If you don’t want to eat them, don’t. If you want to start a website to warn people of the so called “dangers” of trans fatty acids in foods, go ahead, but don’t spoil it for the rest of us who already know and either don’t care or simply avoid eating products containing them.

I am not willing to completely change my snacking habits because you weren’t smart enough to figure out what was in an Oreo in the first place. Hello, the filling looks and tastes like shortening, which is a polite term for manufactured lard, what the hell did you think was in there? And as for your changes in industy standards, they tried replacing snack items with reduced fat products a few years ago. The new snack products tasted like crap and worse yet, people got sick off of the fat substitute. It is clearly not an option for everyone.

I know he just wants to ban the use of hydrogenated oils for products in California, but I have no doubt some other moron will pick up his cause in my state. Ohio is crawling with people who have too much time on their hands. Besides, I go on vacation to California every year, and I don’t want some freak show banning snack foods and trying to force me to eat healthier when I am trying to have a good time. It is bad enough you can smoke anymore, at least let me have my junk food!

P.S. Universally referring to it as junk food should have clued you in to its dietary short comings, Stephen. Since it didn’t, you also might want to avoid all of the following: fast food of all kinds, corn dogs, margarine, candy, peanuts, cookies (obviously), cheese crackers, potato chips, all processed foods in general, and basically anything that tastes really good or is fried in oil. Oh…and skydiving (trust me on this one, it is not the sport for you).

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