For Love, Or Screwed

First things first, don’t get me started on the Clinton’s. Trust me, if you want the truth, Hilary’s book is not the place to look. Stand strong, fight the evil demon urge, and don’t read the book. It is just a mass media campaign trying to break you by making you think you care; but I know you, you don’t. Please at least promise me if you do break down and read the book, you won’t actually PAY for it. Get on the waiting list at your local library and check it out instead. Don’t contribute to the madness.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is props to the Mathur Law Offices in Dallas, TX for booting that freakshow Rob Campos, the “star” of NBC’s “hit” summer “reality” show, For Love or Money. I have only witnessed maybe a total of 5 minutes of this trainwreck, but believe me, it was enough.

A couple of days ago before the proverbial “sh*t hit the fan”, I saw a clip featuring him on Entertainment Tonight. They had asked him to make a video about a day in his life. All I can say is, never trust a single man (particularly a straight single man) with a bathroom theme. He totally gave me the creeps! And who actually thinks he is hot? He looks like he bathed in grease, and I feel like I need a shower just looking at him (think Antonio Banderas only uglier). Gross.

You know, when I first heard about the show, I actually felt sorry for Rob, thinking he came to the table honestly and these whores were out to screw him. Then I saw him and worse yet, he opened his mouth. Now all I can say is go get him sisters, and if one of you is stupid enough to pick him over the money, MAY GOD HELP YOU!

I just love watching fate take care of life’s little assholes. Now everyone in America knows Rob is a jobless, greasy, egotistical, weirdo with issues, and thankfully all the women with brains have gotten a big, giant warning beforehand. Now, if he ever does get another date, she will truly deserve him.

2 Responses to “For Love, Or Screwed”

  1. Carol Says:

    I agree. I didn’t think a guy could get any creepier than Evan Marriott, then I saw him. He totally grosses me out. If I were on that show, I’d totally be going for the cash and nothing else b/c he is nasty and he is a loser!!!

  2. RealJAG Says:

    Rob Campos is a major liar and loser. Serves him right that he gets exposed for the fraud that he is on national TV. Imagine, he has skeletons in his closet, lies about it, and then decides to go on a TV show thinking that no one will find out? What an idiot. Hey Rob, everyone is laughing at you. And it will never stop.