What’s In A Name?

When I first heard of SpikeTV, I thought, LAME, really, really LAME, but I never thought of Spike Lee. Then I heard of Spike’s lawsuit, so I asked friends, family, and co-workers what they thought of when I said “SpikeTV”. I got a myriad of responses, but not one had even an inkling to do with Spike Lee. Everyone seemed very surprised when I explained why I was asking. Still, I tried to remain quiet and let justice sort this one out, but clearly justice has lost its mind.

This really bugs me. Suddenly Spike Lee has decided any use of the word “spike” clearly must be in reference to him? Are you kidding me? Adjust your ego down a peg. You are an Academy Award winning director, no one, not even an ignorant redneck is going to see Stripperella, Gary the Rat, and the WWE and say, “Wow, Spike Lee really sank to a new low when he decided to televise this crap”. One of two things will happen, most of us will do the intelligent thing and change the channel, the rest will continue killing brain cells sucking in the mindless junk, but neither group is going to be thinking of Spike Lee.

I could understand his objections if he actually had been trying to start his own network named SpikeTV to show marathons of his movies 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but the fact that he objects solely on the basis that people will associate his name with garbage programming is absurd. What is worse is State Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub didn’t laugh his ass right out of court; he is allowing a trial to progress in spite of common sense, other uses of the word within the English language, the network’s list of other famous “Spikes”, and the fact that this Spike’s actual name is Shelton. However, he has ordered Spike Lee to post a $500,000 bond to cover damages to the network just in case he doesn’t get the legal slam dunk he expects.

To help prove his point, Spike recruited the ever reliable and costar of The 25th Hour, Edward Norton (whose judgment is clearly impeccable), and former Democratic Presidential Candidate and NBA legend Bill Bradley (again who doesn’t trust this guy’s judgment, after all, he was elected President…err…wait, no, no I guess that didn’t work out, did it?). Both of these men are prepared to testify when they first heard of SpikeTV they thought Spike Lee was affiliated with the network. Try not to be so forthcoming about your ineptitude gentlemen.

The ironic part about this whole lawsuit is, it has insured whenever I hear SpikeTV mentioned, I will forevermore associate it with Spike Lee. The only person he has to blame for this is himself. Gone are the days of thinking he was an incredible director, a visionary storyteller, now I will see him as he never wanted me to, as a prop in a media game designed to get me interested in a fledgling network. No matter what the outcome of the trial is TNN is the winner.

12 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. kenibatz Says:

    Funny, when somebody says “Spike”, I
    think of that cool vampire who likes Billy Idol in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. 🙂

  2. Hulk Hogan Says:

    You won’t think SpikeTV is crap when Hulkamania runs wild all over you, Brotha!

  3. JONAS Says:

    Mr Lee needs to get out into the real world once in a while, the majority of American’s have never seen one of his films, non-NY’ers would probably not recognize him on the street and SPIKE is something you do with a volleyball (or a watermelon).
    This is all about ego and the lack of attention that he and his films have received.
    Maybe the family of Spike Jones (an award winning film maker) should sue Mr Lee for his use of their family name….

  4. The Rock Says:

    It doesn’t matter what you think, Hulk Hogan! The Rock’s MILLIONS and MILLIONS of fans think SpikeTV is crap! Know your role and shut your mouth! IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’!!!

  5. Stone Cold Steve Austin Says:

    Spike TV is not crap …because Stone Cold SAID SO!
    What!? What!? What!?

  6. Booker T Says:

    SpikeTV is crap…

    Now can you dig that, SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  7. Ric Flair Says:

    SpikeTV is not crap… it is Stylin’ and Profilin’! Whoooooooo!

  8. Aimee Says:

    My dear wrestlemania friends, you need emotional help. Seriously, get a life…

  9. Triple H Says:

    SpikeTV is no more…because…

    I AM the Game and I am THAT DAMN GOOD!

  10. Shannon Says:

    I share many of your thoughts on suing the fast food restaurants, as well as the Spike tv.

  11. Sonia Says:

    Hi! I came across your page while looking for some info on Catherine Donkers. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your parasite detection thingie because my computer was full of them but I wasn’t sure of how to deal with the problem.

    Regarding Spike Lee, I think this is really a cultural issue because millions of people are very aware of Spike Lee and his films and therefore associate the name Spike TV with Spike Lee. Just because your circle doesn’t associate the two does not take away from the fact that millions of other people do. If I never heard of a platinum selling country musician, does that make his music any less valid? No, because that country musician does resonate with millions of people regardless of whether I heard of him or even like his music. I hope that makes sense. Take care.

  12. Aimee Says:

    Thanks for your feedback. I do understand your point, but having met Spike, seen all of his major release films, and considering myself a fan of his work, I don’t see the relevance. My objection is simply not cultural.