A Variety of Rants

OK, I’ve been stockpiling things to rant about, so get ready. My first question is, what is so difficult about lights on when raining? In Alabama during the summer, often there are thunderstorms that pop-up every afternoon, or we experience a drought and it doesn’t rain again until December. Anyway, the past couple of weeks, we’ve had scattered afternoon thunderstorms every day, and I meet people constantly who do not have their lights on. I want to know why people refuse to turn on their headlights in blinding rain. Let me tell you something, when it’s pouring, I can’t see you if you don’t have on your lights. Also, because we are in Alabama, there are a number of cars riding around that are “painted” in nothing but gray primer. If you are one of the people driving one of those cars, I DEFINITELY can’t see you in the rain. There’s supposed to be a state law that says lights on when raining, but apparently they don’t enforce it. Maybe the good ol’ MPD should be waiting to pull over these people the way they go after people who are speeding. No lights is just as hazardous as someone who is driving 20 mph over the speed limit. And, there are SO many without lights, you’d have your pick of any asshole on the road to pullover.
Secondly, Spike Lee, you suck. When I first heard about SpikeTV, I thought of 1) A dog, and 2) a mohawk. Also, when they said the first network for men, I thought, “What about the 800 variations of ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery Wings, etc.?” Never did I think of Spike Lee until I heard about the commotion he and his moronic cohorts had started. You know what, Spike? I think you are full of crap. You needed some free publicity, and now you’ve got it.
Third, to Catherine Donkers, the woman who was breast feeding her kid while she was driving, your child should be taken away from you. If you are that stupid, trust me, your child would benefit from being given to parents who won’t teach her to be as moronic as you and your husband obviously are. Some people are too stupid to procreate, and you and your husband top that list!

OK, I feel better now…

9 Responses to “A Variety of Rants”

  1. Aimee Says:

    There is only one reason the police don’t waylay drivers without their lights on, they don’t want to get soaking WET! Speeders don’t require a change of uniform!

  2. Carol Says:

    Don’t they have to fill a quota? This sure would make it easier, and you know what else? That’s why God gave us umbrellas! They are going to have to get out in the rain anyway to clean up after the wreck caused by the moron without headlights!

  3. Aimee Says:

    Umbrellas and Police hat condoms…

    The ticket for speeding is a bigger revenue generator, but I agree with you.

  4. Arika Says:

    I guess Mrs. Donkers does not know that if she came to a sudden unexpected stop, her infant would either be smashed to death by the air bag and her body or lethally thrown from the vehicle. There are cases where ignorant parents don’t secure their child, the child gets thrown from the car, then ran over by another vehicle which then swerves into other cars to avoid the chaos.
    People should fill out an application and take an IQ test before they can have a child.

  5. Catherine Says:


    Your concern of a potential tragic car wreck is not invalid. However, it appears you want to outlaw anything that has any element of risk associated with it. This is unreasonable.

    Entertain for a moment an analogy. You are walking in a crosswalk with a baby stroller. Should you be considered endangering your child because somebody *MIGHT* run a red light? Of course not… We take risks everyday.

    What’s not getting much attention is that the Michigan Legislature AND the Ohio Legislature agree that it’s ok to nurse in a car. See for yourself:

    -M.C.L. 257.710d. Child restraint system required
    (2) This section does not apply to any child being nursed.
    [Michigan’s exemption. “The only statutory exceptions are for children who are nursing or riding in exempt vehicles (taxicabs, buses, school buses, commercial vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, etc.). Section 710d(2), (3) and (6). Also, Section 710d(6) of the child restraint statute permits the Secretary of State to create rules exempting certain classes of children from restraints based upon physical fitness, medical problems or body size, but no such rules have been promulgated.” –“Safety Belts, Child Restraints and ‘The Cap’ in the Era of Tort Reform,” Michigan Defense Quarterly, Summer 2000, Beth A. Andrews.]

    -O.R.C. § 4511.81. Child restraint system required
    (F) If a person who is NOT A RESIDENT of this state is charged with a violation of division (A) or (B) of this section and DOES NOT PROVE to the court, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the person’s use or NONUSE of a child restraint system was in accordance with the law of the state of which the person is a RESIDENT, the court shall impose the fine levied by division (H)(2) of section 4511.99 of the Revised Code.
    [Ohio recognizes Michigan’s exemption for nursing.]

    So you see, if people have a problem with the law, as it’s written, they should take this up with the Legislature–not by prosecuting a law-abiding citizen.

    Would you seek to punish somebody for following the law? If so, how would you expect that person to govern his conduct in the future, if he cannot rely on the law as it’s written?

  6. Kathy Says:

    Catherine, you are an idiot. You are an irresponsible person, and don’t deserve to be a mom. There are a lot of legal things that are dangerous, of course. Doesn’t mean you have to do them. Being a parent is about avoiding UNNECESSARY RISK. Pulling over SAFELY to nurse your baby might make you 15 minutes later, but it might just save your life, your child’s life, or the lives of the other innocent people driving down the road who are actually paying attention while driving. Did you ever stop to think that the child restraint laws allow an exemption for nursing, but the exemption is not intended for the driver, sitting behind an airbag. It’s more likely intended (and even then it shouldn’t be)for a mom to sit in the back seat with their baby while someone else drives. Ever hear of a breast pump Catherine? You are irresponsible. If I thought you could learn from this, I would think differently, but I feel as though your child should be removed and placed with people who will take reasonable precautions to safeguard her life.

  7. Brandon Says:

    Catherine is right…follow the law. Y’know, technically, in Alabama, its ILLEGAL for women to drive unless its Sunday, and a man is walking in front of the car carrying and displaying a sign which says “Caution Woman driver”. Further she has to constantly honk her horn so as not to frighten horses.
    Hey its the law…follow it Carol. You’re in ‘bama.
    You’re inspiring my Catherine. Here in Kentucky, it is not illegal to go to a George Clinton and the P Funk All-Stars Concert, get into the crowd and yell “KKK RULES!” Hey, just exercising the law and free speech. No, wait, that’s just freaking stupid! (and suicidal). Is any of this sinking in?
    Its just TOO easy to insult this lazy, stupid sack of ass lint.

  8. nikki Says:

    yeah..in hartford CT,its illegal to teach your dog a trick.

    some laws are truely ridiculous.and some of them just make you think “who wuz the dumbass that actually made them create a law like ‘don’t have sex with chickens’…??”

  9. Nikki Says:

    Or the law that states that donkeys can’t sleep in bathtubs. Mine does every night!