Dear Catherine

Since we are on the subject of frivolous lawsuits, thank you for reading my little site. Glad you found something here that pissed you off. Did your husband “direct” you to visit here, or did your tiny little ego cause you to go searching for your name on the internet? Either way, thanks for making my day. Just knowing you are unhappy makes me proud. Although I probably wouldn’t have expressed my feelings in exactly the same way as Carol did, I do agree with her. Thanks also for the lesson in Michigan state law, I’ll be sure not to visit there any time soon. Too bad you can’t do my state the same courtesy. Most of all, thanks for proving our point.

5 Responses to “Dear Catherine”

  1. Sha Says:

    Catherine Donkers should NEVER be allowed to be around children. What an idiot! You placed your life, your child’s life and everyone else on the road that day’s life in danger with your highly Stupid decision! This is clearly a lady (if you can say that) who has no common sense at all! You must have been weaving or something for the police to take a “second look” at what you were or were not doing while you should have been driving and focusing on the road. I think they should throw the book at you, you are no better than a drunk driver on our road’s taking chances and ultimately killing our loved ones!

    I just can’t believe anyone who say’s they’ve done so much research would actually be stupid enough to place so many lifes in danger just to test the law! You deserve at least 20 years in jail, that way you can’t put so many lifes in danger again any time soon!

  2. Mosa Says:

    Just curious, but did she actually have a car-seat? My guess is that she didn’t and quick-like-a-bunny started breast feeding when she realized she couldn’t outrun the cops.

    Straight to jail with the wench, I say.

    PS: I saw her on Good Morning America this morning. Cool as a Ramsey I tell ya, and twice as guilty.

  3. Carol Says:

    I wondered about the car seat too. Like, if the child was in a car seat in the back, how did she unbuckle the seat, take the child out FROM THE BACK SEAT, and bring her to the front to breastfeed all while she was driving?! Was the car seat in the passenger seat next to her? Was there one at all…Who knows?

  4. Aimee Says:

    She claims the child always rides in a car seat when she is not breast feeding. See for the quote. But then again, who am I to say? She is a lunatic driving under a suspended license.

  5. Tammy Says:

    Open mouth, insert foot…These people are the perfect example of who shouldn’t be allowed to have children. My son would starve before I’d ever unlatch him from that carseat. That is the only chance he has of surviving an accident. It’s nice to see that Catherine’s busy schedule comes before her child’s life. And the lengths they are going to “prove” they’re right. Screw the laws. You just played russian roulette with your child’s life. You suck and I feel sorry for your child–already getting the shaft from you at 7 months. If that airbag had deployed in an accident I would hate to see what it would’ve done to that baby–you would’ve got an upclose shot.