Somebody Shock Me

Fast food is addictive? The next thing I know, you’re gonna try and tell me it is bad for me too. What is with people and endless lawsuits? Now we need signs on the doors of Burger King and Taco Bell to tell us we are addicted to fat and cholesterol? Aren’t our giant lard asses proof enough. I really don’t need to be reminded everytime I make a fast food run.

I am so tired of people trying to protect me from my vices. They are vices because they are not good for you. I don’t need you to sue Oreos, or Burger King or anyone else on my behalf. If I want to eat too much or drink too much or smoke too much or do anything too much, I should be able to (provided I don’t cause physical injury to anyone other than myself).

We are bombarded with daily reminders our country is the most obese on the planet and John Banzhaf’s demands make us look like the stupidest as well. I thought we hit a new low suing fast food restaurants over hot coffee, then we sued them because they made us fat. Now he wants to sue them because we can’t stop eating at them? Where does it end?

Honestly, what isn’t addicting? There’s shopping, and drinking and smoking and drugs and pills and driving and eating and sex and millions of other things even the news can be addicting. Once we label the contents of the world as addicting, then what? Would this rid us of disease and unhealthy lifestyles? No, so what is the point of his case? Publicity? Notoriety? Stupidity? Clearly, it isn’t the betterment of mankind.

One Response to “Somebody Shock Me”

  1. brandon Says:

    anyone see Demolition man? (Probably not)

    anyone read “1984”?

    why do I have to type this, it hurts my fingers and my addiction to free freakin’ thought and common goddamn sense is forcing me to type. I’m suing (insert keyboard brand here) because its an addictive act and the board is harmful.

    You wanna regulate? Go find Warren G. Leave me and my “addictions” the hell alone.