Ok, this will be a really short post comparitively, but I had to give Spike Lee the props he is due. I was watching my local news last night and a commercial for the “new” TNN came on. There was Kid Rock and Pam Anderson still looking lovey (guess they shot that before the breakup), and Kelsey Grammar with Gary the Rat, and all the other new “stars” of the network. All I could think of was Spike Lee and how hysterically funny it was that he got his wish. I saw them and thought of him. I now equate bad tv with the likes of Spike Lee. Oh wait, that wasn’t Spike’s wish, was it? That was TNN’s wish. Or was it? Maybe this whole thing was an elaborate ruse to resurrect the careers of a dying network and a played out film director.

One Response to “Retrospective”

  1. Carol Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! You’re killin’ me, really!