When in Doubt…Blame God?

You know, I would like to write about something other than the Three Stooges, but I just can’t get away from it. The stories keep getting more and more absurd. Now, Catherine Donkers’ husband, Brad Barnhill, is claiming his religious beliefs made her do it. He is asking the court to be placed on trial in place of her because his religious belief puts him in charge of her and her actions.

Seriously, what? Could you run that by me again? Your religious beliefs instructed you to “command” your wife to put her life and the life of your child in jeopardy by breastfeeding while she was driving? You might convince me to buy that arguement as the reason she didn’t pull over initially, but on the grounds of safety not religion. Please explain to me what interpretation of faith mandates whipping it out and feeding your child while operating heavy machinery. Furthermore, the idea that you expect the law to entertain this asinine request is not only an insult to the justice system; it is an insult to your intelligence, assuming of course, you actually possess some.

This couple continues to amaze me. Guys, let it go. You made a mistake. Pay your fine and get on with your lives. Try not to needlessly endanger your child any further. But stop opening your mouths! Every time either one of you speaks, you look more and more like complete freaks. With statements like, “It is not against the law,” “Your state has no authority over me,” “I directed her not to stop,” and “God made me tell her to do it because I command her,” you are both one step away from getting branded as part of some wacko militia group. In fact, I have already read internet speculation of the sort. If you want to continue to ignore all aspects of rational thought, be my guest. Just know, this arguement is clearly not working for you.

P.S. Catherine and Brad appeared on Good Morning America this morning. The message boards there have not been kind.

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