Chips & Salsa and Dirty Diapers

I heard this thing on the radio yesterday. This guy emailed the station and said that over the weekend, he and his girlfriend had gone out to dinner, and while they were there, they sat next to a couple with a baby. Well, at some point during the meal, the child needed to be changed, so the woman put the kid on the table and proceeded to change the baby right there ON THE TABLE in front of everyone! The guy said that he asked her to please take the child to the restroom to be changed because it was pretty gross for her to be changing the baby on the table in the middle of everyone else’s meal. She told him that when he had kids and matured, he would understand.
Now, does this have anything to do with maturity?! I’m appalled, I’m truly appalled. AND, this happened in Auburn, so I’m wondering what restaurant it was because I’m not too excited about eating there at the table where a woman decided to change her kid’s dirty diaper. The guy said it was dirty, not just wet. How nasty is that? Is this something that a lot of people do? Am I the one who’s out of line? I don’t think so. Look, if maturity requires that I find it OK to change a baby’s diaper on a table amongst my chips and salsa in a public restaurant where people are eating, then let me never be mature.

3 Responses to “Chips & Salsa and Dirty Diapers”

  1. Aimee Says:

    That is one of most disgusting things I have ever heard. If I live to be 120, I will never be mature enough to tolerate that. I hope she is banned from dining in that restaurant or any other.

    I have actually seen mothers change an infant’s #1 diaper in the booth seat, but that pre-dates changing tables in the restrooms. On the table is downright uncalled for. Sounds like she is the one who needs to learn some maturity and respect for others…

  2. Tim Says:

    I’m sure the health department wouldn’t approve of such a thing.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    changing a diaper on a table in a restaurant? thats just nasty.. i would have complained to someone… i dont blame that guy 1 bit. at all.