Defending the Hunted

I keep hearing all this talking about Hunting for Bambi in Las Vegas and how terrible it is. Every news outlet from the radio to web has run a story on how shocked and appalled I should be. Why?

No one kidnapped these women and forced them to participate. They are being “hunted” with paint guns, which stings, but it won’t kill or mame them. The company even claims the hunters can’t aim or hit above the waist, so what is the big deal? Why should I care if it is demeaning?

I am not a big fan of porn or strip clubs either. Personally I find them disgusting, but just because I am not interested in that type of thing doesn’t mean I am going to stop others from doing it.

Basically, if you are a woman and you are willing to run naked through the woods and let men hunt you with a paint gun, I think you have serious issues and should probably seek therapy or an easier way to earn $1000. If you are a man who gets off on this activity or think it sounds like a really fun sport, you are probably, scratch that, definitely a freak. But hey, more power to you, if you are willing to pay some girl to let you hunt her and she has no problem accepting your payment; so much the better. Who am I to say you can’t? It is the American way; we are even free to do really stupid things with our time and money.

3 Responses to “Defending the Hunted”

  1. Aimee Says:

    So it was all a hoax? Hold on while I register my shock and surprise. You mean men aren’t really hunting women in the woods outside Las Vegas, and there was no need for all the psychiatrists and women’s rights advocates to get all up in arms? Color me amazed. It was all an elaborate ruse to sell videotapes? Shocking!!! Who would have ever guessed?

    See for the full story

  2. Designer Discount Clothing Says:

    Okay, how messed up is that? I agree that someone seriously mst have issues if that was happening. I had to laugh at the comment posted by Aimee. I so agree!!! Anyway, where is everyone and why is there no new posts on here?

    Hello??? (echo, echo, echo)


  3. karel Says:

    WOw, that seems like a lot of fun hunting a nude woman running through the woods. Just because men are willing to pay and girls are willing to run insanely through the woods doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it. Hey, some people, well, have strange pleasures and enjoy weird things. I know all you guys do!!