Condition Of Anonymity

I considered not commenting on the Kobe Bryant case because I don’t know what happened on that night in Colorado and regardless of my personal beliefs on the subject; it is not up to me to speculate. I do have an opinion, but without the facts, I can not say for certain whether or not the charges are valid.

What I can say is the media circus surrounding the case is absurd. You can barely get any news media to cover an attack of this nature when the accused is unknown, but the endless drudgery of the details of the personal lives of both the alleged victim and Mr. Bryant is out of control. How can either of them get a fair trial when the media has already made up most people’s minds for them?

Call me naive, but I still have faith in the system. I guess the big problem now is that system depends on the right of the accused to face his accuser. The last couple of days, there have been countless internet polls and radio talk shows debating the appropriateness of the disclosure of the Colorado victim’s name.

I don’t see how this can be wrong or inappropriate unless the victim is underage. To me, it doesn’t matter whether her allegations are true or not, I truly don’t want to see her name dragged through the mud, but honestly, how could you ever think you could make that type of allegation and remain anonymous? Even when you are accusing a local Joe, your name becomes a matter of public record. But when you are the alleged victim of a famous NBA player as popular as Kobe Bryant, your life is bound to be scrutinized and your identity revealed.

I am not saying the media attention, public speculation and death threats are justified. Personally, I find them disgusting, but unfortunately in today’s culture it is to be expected. I can’t say I am surprised and I would have a hard time believing anyone who tried to convince me they were. I don’t pretend to know the solution, and I certainly don’t envy this woman’s position, but I have to say I support her name being a part of public record. Ultimately, we will entrust 12 of our fellow citizens to sort this out on our behalf even if we never know the real truth surrounding the events of that night.

6 Responses to “Condition Of Anonymity”

  1. Brandon Says:

    You are and have always been wise beyond your years, my friend. However, there is one thing in which you are mistaken. The news/media cares little for fact or truth, only for who reported it first. “First” equals fast, fast equals ratings, ratings equals money. Originally news was forever a money loss in the broadcasting world. It was considered a public service necessary for a FCC license. Now, “news” is part of the competition for ratings. Just ask the next person to get a home video of the next major tragedy how much CNN paid them. Bet it bumps them up a bracket for the tax year. Sad but true.

  2. Nina Says:

    Have you ever been raped?? It’s an extremely traumatic thing, girls commit suicide because of it. Letting people know about it is a painful experience in itself, and having your name and personal life giving to the world is victimizing the person again… you insensitive pig…

  3. Brandon Says:

    “you insensitive pig”
    Well, hot damn, I haven’t been called that in minutes. Though, the answer is “yes, I have been raped”, by the local phone company (but that’s another tale).
    This is not to belittle rape. Nor was that ever my intention. My comments were strictly on the media twist on this case and “news” in general. If it sounded insensitive, that’s my point. It IS comnpletely insensitive. “Victim” is only a word to them…one which gets ratings. What the word actually means is as alien to them as Michael Jackson’s nose.
    As for this case, rape? Does anyone else see this case as another reason why REAL rape victims have to go thru the traumatic crap they do? And why that is the REAL tragedy?

  4. Diana Says:

    Nina i would kick u for calling people “pigs”…
    the girl here is expressing her opinion on HER weblog and here u are.
    first of all i personally think its all NONSENSE about him raping her..she probably didnt get the money she blackmailed after sleeping with him…..
    of course he did cheat on his wife.but RAPE, i dont think so…..and please future refrain u “nice” self from verbal abuse of author…..

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