All Bets Are Off

Let me start by saying we have let Lord Luther and the rest of you freaks rule the roost around here for far too long, and for that we sincerely apologize. It was a fun experiment while it lasted, but now, I, too, am bored.

Now, on with the show…

So, Janet Jackson exposed her breast to the world at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Big Deal! I guess I missed the boat somehow. I am supposed to join together with concerned parents and offended viewers who are up in arms about what they were “forced to view” during this “wholesome, family event”. What? Did you say wholesome? Since when is football wholesome family entertainment? By nature, it is a game where one group of guys knocks the shit out of another group of guys. It is a sport of aggression capped off by trash talk. Don’t believe me? Tally up the number of times the camera captured various players dropping f-bombs, screaming sh*t, son of a bitch or take that motherf*cker in last night’s game. Yeah, you’ll have to read lips, but trust me, kids aren’t stupid. They can spot a bad word a mile away.

Personally, I am more offended by Grandpa tripping Grandma and throwing her to the ground for a bag of Lays Potato Chips than I will ever be about an obvious publicity stunt that clearly worked. What I really want to know is, have none of you whining people heard the lyrics to any of Justin, Janet, Nelly, P. Diddy or for that matter Kid Rock’s songs? If you consider yourself concerned parents and citizens, you should have.

You can be mad at the network for airing it, or at the NFL for allowing it, or at MTV for booking and sponsoring it, but you can not ask me to believe you didn’t expect something like this to happen. Not only is it the current trend in pop culture, it is clearly spelled out in the lyrics of Justin’s most popular song (coincidentally, the one he was performing last night when the “shocking” incident took place), “bet I have you naked (nekkid) by the end of this song”. And surprise, surprise, he did, just as he had promised. In a million years, I never would have guessed he would pull a stunt like that. I mean it is not even completely obvious or anything.

As for Justin needing to apologize to Ms. Jackson (or anyone else for that matter) for revealing her breast, I say, oh p-lease! It was not an accident, a “wardrobe malfunction”, or a surprise. Janet Jackson is not about to let anyone including Justin Timberlake expose her breast without her knowledge and consent, certainly not while wearing her trusty sunburst nipple ring. Give me a break. One good publicity stunt spawns another.

The real shame here is no one is talking about one the most interesting Super Bowl games in years. Worse yet, no one is even mentioning Jake Delhomme’s record setting 85 yard touchdown pass on a 3rd and 10 play. These are the things America should be riveted by, not the scandal de jour soon to be one-upped by next week’s Grammy Awards.

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  1. Da Man Says:

    Bout time you got back on here!

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  3. Curious Says:

    Hey. You know what might be fun? Lets make a web site where we can share our opinions to anyone who will listen. Having this web site will be a perfect way to let our voices be heard. Yeah, that will be cool. Then every 4 or 5 months, someone will come along and post a comment.
    Lord Luther; God I miss you!
    One of the freaks (Curious)