“Stupid Pet Tricks”

And now for today’s moron report…

Let’s hear it for Pamela Anderson who after sporting a pricey pair of trendy Ugg boots has vowed never to wear them again (at least not the real ones). It seems the famous PETA supporter was blissfully unaware the Australian sheepskin boots were actually made from REAL sheepskin when she was photographed wearing them in Los Angeles last month. Newly outraged by this fashion trend, she is reportedly developing a line of “faux” uggs that are animal friendly. This just brings to mind a couple of questions. First, what did she think Australian Sheepskin boots were made from? And second, what will she do with the pair she was already photographed wearing? I know, maybe she could auction them off for charity. Wait, no, PETA would never go for that. I guess the only option she has left is to throw red paint on them in an angry protest against her own support of “animal cruelty”. Ah well, I guess it is no big loss anyway, Ugg boots are one ugly fashion trend.

3 Responses to ““Stupid Pet Tricks””

  1. ladygoat Says:

    Silly, silly Pam. I saw a video of her wearing Ugg boots a long time ago, when she was still on Baywatch and Uggs were mercifully limited to surfers. They look very warm and comfy, but they also look ugly and I can’t bring myself to liking them.

  2. LORD LUTHER Says:



  3. curious Says:

    Well, Well: Lord Luther does get around.