Low prices-Always

Why is it easy to spend 2 hours in Wal-mart until you have to? I thought I would kill myself with a knitting needle or at the very least a hunting knife before they got through with my car. Since I had already spent a crapload on my car this week and I still needed tires, Weezie suggested I go to Wal-mart. What she doesn’t know is, I live in hell. We have no Supercenters and very few locations with a Tire and Lube Express. So, I drove all the way across town to save a few bucks. Surprise, surprise, they didn’t have the tires I wanted, but they did have a 2 hour wait. I said screw it; I’m not waiting. I’ll come back tomorrow, and I left. Then I thought, what the fuck? You drove all the way over here. It can’t be that hard to kill a couple hours in Wal-mart. Admittedly, I did forget how crappy this particular one was. I also forgot how handy it can be to be a girl, especially when the guy behind the counter with the self professed speech impediment is trying to impress you. He really was trying so hard to be helpful; it was sweet. And I don’t even have the blonde hair anymore, so I have to work overtime to pull off the ditz thing. I did get my tires and about 40 bucks worth of stuff I could use but didn’t really have the money for. I also got a stern warning from my new friend because I need to replace my other tires soon and should really have my car realigned. Crap! It sucks when your new car is not so “new” anymore. Well, at least I don’t have to walk anymore, and it sure is easier to get to Alabama.

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