Anywhere But Here

My husband and I have this nightly ritual, we go to bed way too late and then lay around talking about whatever comes to mind. Sort of a stream of consciousness mind cleansing that can cover anything from familial updates, to the things we didn’t finish doing that day and ends up at things we’ve failed at or more of those questions I don’t want to know the answer to. It is never a good idea; sometimes we end up arguing or at the very least someone (usually me) gets hurt feelings.

Last night I was belaboring a point about my husband’s hesitance to admit to loving me at the beginning of our “relationship” and how embarrassed I was the first time I said it. Admittedly, I had no idea what love was at the time and clearly still have an issue with it now. Anyway, I told him I would have done anything to get out of there. “I just wished I could flick my ponytail and be instantly transported someplace else”. He responded with, “You had a ponytail in your hair that day”? To which I quipped, “No genius, I was talking about Jeannie! I would wear my hair in a ponytail everyday if that shit worked”. And thus the night ended not in anger or a fight, but in hysterical laughter as really all nights should yet seldom do.

In other news, I have the shortest attention span known to man. I would say I have ADD if I didn’t believe that was the most over diagnosed “disease” of the modern era. Seriously, who doesn’t have ADD? Maybe they should just put Ritalin in the water like fluoride, NOT. You know, I’ve stopped writing this like 10 times to watch TV or check a message board for entertainment updates. It is kinda pathetic.

BTW Days sucks! I don’t know why I even bother watching although I am starting to feel sorry for Grandma Caroline and Victor. They have been captured by Tony all this time and now that they have returned home; they have to separate. Poor Grandpa Shawn, his wife has been hanging out with her former paramour for the past year, and he has to be all grateful to him. At least they didn’t keep Alice locked up that long; poor Gran’s like 90 or something. That was just wrong, fake killing her. I could probably talk for a year about all the stupid gross stuff going on, but I will spare you-for now. I really am gonna stop watching if they don’t get a better hairstylist on staff. Everyone is starting to look like crap and Bonnie has a mullet for god’s sake!

Lastly, does anyone else get annoyed when people use expressions in the wrong context, or worse, they use the wrong expression all together? I mean I know we all do it, and it makes for really great comedy in movies, but don’t you ever just want to hit someone for being such a moron? Like when people say “for all intensive purposes” or “intended purposes”, it drives me crazy! I just want to scream it’s “intents and purposes”! Please don’t use what you can’t understand or at least do yourself a favor and buy a thesaurus or a dictionary of popular phrases.

OMG…What the hell?…Passions is so weird! I gotta go…

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