Are we there yet?

I am sick of the summer TV crapfest, enough with the repeats! I know we are half way to September, but I can hardly stand it anymore. What can I say? I love TV, and I love being a couch potato, but there is a limit to how many times I can watch the same shit. NBC is even replaying the first 2 episodes of Tommy Lee Goes to College. I mean really, that just aired on Tuesday! I suppose I can believe it is possible there are a few people out there who really wanted to see it and simply forgot, but I can’t believe there could be enough to merit showing it twice in one week. It is no secret I watched it, but it really wasn’t that great, and you could certainly catch up if you had missed an episode or two. There are built in recaps and previously on footage, not to mention the hundreds of commercials NBC has pimped out to promote it. Admittedly I am a professed addict of Veronica Mars repeats even though I have seen all of the episodes several times. Now CBS is done showing those on Fridays, so I am stuck getting them only on UPN. At least USA ia airing first run episodes of Monk, the 4400 and Dead Zone. Although I really only get a chance to catch Monk, and its season finale is next week. I am starting to understand why some of my fellow bloggers have countdown clocks to let them know the exact amount of time until new episodes start airing. Unfortunately, most of this year’s line up looks somewhat disappointing, so I am not sure my problem will fade with the onset of new stories, but at least I will have something new to talk about.

With that in mind, what’s with the onslaught of bad commercials? Has anyone seen the new Always ad where the maxi pad turns into a bed? I don’t think I have to tell you how sick that is on so many levels. And then there is Uncle Bens 90 Second Ready Rice. You know the one where the guy is a gourmet chef and his wife is hungrily waiting at home for him to get off work. When he finally gets there, he is too tired to fix her anything decent and he wasn’t smart enough to bring something home with him from the restaurant so they are stuck eating crappy microwave rice. Also Catherine Zeta Jones is freaking gorgeous, how the hell does T-Mobile always end up airing commercials where she looks like shit? How is that even possible? You don’t have to like her to realize she is beautiful, but either they’re not getting their money’s worth or she needs to fire her agent. On the good side of commercials is BP’s time saving ads which give you tips on how to shave time off your morning commute. My favorite ad suggests you forego taking that last look at yourself in the mirror before you rush out the door and instead wait until you stop off in their convenience store to check yourself out in the myriad of reflective surfaces they have strategically placed around the store. But a special note tells you not to stare to long or you will appear vain. Truthfully, I only like this commercial because it is so me. I check myself out in pretty much every reflective surface I have ever passed. I check myself out in the mirror at the car wash for god’s sake. Who cares if my car looks good and I don’t? Like that ever happens (ok maybe it happens more often than I would like).

In other good news, Friday Night Fever starts next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I love high school football, and no, it is not a sick obsession I have with teenage boys. I think it started somewhere between having 4 brothers and a referee father who took me to a LOT of games. Anyway, football rules and this year I have my very own player to root for! Woo Hoo! Speaking of which, I hope you make it to Green Day this weekend, Jarrod. So jealous!!!!

Was anyone watching Entertainment Tonight’s plastic surgery addicts last night? There was New York’s cat lady and the human Barbie doll (both of whom I have seen before), but they introduced a third spectacle as the human Ken doll. I actually thought he was much more attractive before the surgeries, but I am not sure he is interested in my opinion if you know what I mean. Anyway, this guy had butt implants and even bicep implants in addition to the plastic face he has acquired. So basically what I learned from this is, you can’t fix ugly, but you can fix tiny biceps. Good news!

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