Notes from the Outer Rim

Given my obvious penchant for reruns, you can see how this weekend might have turned in to an E! fest. Yes I did watch Veronica Mars, but I also had time to catch Taradise, E!’s new Wild On show hosted by Tara Reid. I wouldn’t call my self a fan, but I decided to tune in. Tara was on location in Greece and I kid you not Urkel was there too. I was actually impressed at how nice Tara was to some fans (from a docked cruise ship) she ran into while shopping. They asked her for a picture; she obliged. Then they proceeded to take a picture of each one of them (like 4 kids and 2 parents) with several different cameras and camera phones. Tara was gracious and way more patient than I would have thought. In short, she was incredibly kind to a rather undeserving group of people because they repaid her kindness by following her everywhere and photographing her every move. I know she is a celebrity and she was in public and that makes her fair game, but she gave them time, attention, and nice pictures and still they stalked her. What is wrong with people?

I am also addicted to true crime shows, especially Court TV. My mom thinks something is wrong with me and I am disturbed or something. She would freak if she knew I recognized a couple people from the Alabama shows. Back in the day I used to take criminal justice courses and part of the requirement took us to every prison in the state. I know, it is a stunning distinction. I have been inside every prison in the State of Alabama. I should put that on my resume. At least the curious would call me back. I still maintain I would rather be in Tutwiler than homeless, so if the situation ever arises, I am being somebody’s bitch and getting free courses in cosmetology. Plus you can get a bitchin’ haircut there for cheap!

Sadly, I checked out Celebrity Fit Club this weekend as well. Honestly half the freaks I don’t even recognize and I am sure they are all great people and who couldn’t drop a few pounds except maybe Mary Kate or Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Ritchie for that matter. Anyway, what the hell is Jani Lane doing there? First of all he doesn’t look fat, just fucked up. I am glad he is turning his life around and no longer cavorting with whores, drinking and cranking out crap pile records. But couldn’t he have gotten that at rehab like ever other washed up has been 80’s band leaders? Not to mention, sometimes we don’t really want to see how our idols and/or former crushes turned out after the all too bright light of fame has faded.

Now for the most important question of the day, what is up with tagless t-shirts? The whole idea is NO TAG, but all they did was move the damn thing- Picture of Tagthat does not qualify as tagless! How about some truth in advertising? I realize new “tag relocated shirts” doesn’t roll trippingly off the tongue, but don’t promise me something you have no intention of delivering. I am sure there is not much the fine folks at Hanes can do to spice up there product lines. I mean you have white shirts and colored shirts, then what? But don’t make up bullshit slogans that are completely untrue and expect me to be impressed by your forward thinking.

One Response to “Notes from the Outer Rim”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Just read the Jani Lane thing and almost pissed myself. No truer words have ever been written. I, too, have never been impressed by the movement of tags from collar to bottom…false advertisement is against the law yet those Hanes bastards walk free. So now, the tag doesn’t bother your neck, yet everyone in the free world can know your size…quick thinking on that one.
    Thanks for the webpage to keep me laughing.