So Not a Morning Person

Ok, I am pressed for time tonight, but I have to get this down before I leave town. This morning, Taine got up to go to work. He took a shower, shaved and then came out to get dressed. He must have been feeling really cocky (pardon the pun), cuz he quipped at me, “hello, my eyes are up here”. Okely dokely, before I lose all my readers, the joke is, he gets dressed and he is making the weirdest face. I am half asleep, so I cut to the chase and I’m like “what’s wrong with you”? And he’s like “these jeans feel weird” as he is trying to straighten out the pockets. Suddenly his look goes from puzzled to slightly embarrassed and he starts laughing cuz he realized, they’re MY jeans, my tight fitting, lycra added jeans which thankfully he couldn’t zip up. Whew! I almost wish it had been a practical joke so I could get the credit, but it just happened. I laughed so hard I thought I would pee myself thus prompting him to hurl the jeans at me. Come on, that is fucking hysterical; am I actually expected to refrain from laughing? Not possible. I wish I had more time to sit here and laugh about it, but alas, some people have to work tomorrow, so that does it for now. But I do have to give a quick shout out to my best friend Shannon for scoring Rob Thomas tickets for me. I feel the love! This will be the best November EVER!!! Did I mention I have decided Rob Thomas is the best name ever? How can you top the creator of Veronica Mars and the hottest lead singer imaginable? “It can’t be done”. Now if I can just arrange to be back in town for the John Mayer Trio-gotta find a way to make that happen!

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